By Jesse - United States
Today, I got pulled over for the first time since I got my license. I have disorganized speech and occasional inappropriate emotional response. I began to laugh due to nervousness and when I tried to explain why, I was arrested because he thought I was high. FML
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  strangersdk  |  0

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  hatcher  |  0

I'm going to nth the potential schizophrenia, or at least some kind of schizoaffective disorder. most schizophrenics probably shouldn't be driving anyway.

  Alphonsuuuu  |  0

Gah. Just talking about the characteristics of a gender doesn't make you sexist.

He's not saying IN ANY WAY that guys are better than girls. He just made an educated guess, which was, in fact, correct. OP is indeed a woman.

  Pennypoo  |  0

maybe she was nervous bc she didnt know what she did wrong. It's the police. sometimes they just make people nervous at the sight of them. dont assume things

  bohemond_fml  |  0

Because cops are always right, huh. It's one thing to get a ticket for a little thng, but quite another to get arrested.

Hope the OP got the badge number and name, because behavior or lack of deference to a police officer is not grounds for arrest. Laughing doesn't mean you're high, and without a smell or anything else that is not probable cause.

  TheBigDawg  |  8


I've been driving for years and got pulled over the other day for the first time. I was nervous because I didn't think I was seriously violating any traffic laws (the cop was just being extra strict as I was going over 25 but under 30 in a 25mph area, but it was raining and she felt I should've gone a little slower, so she let me off with a warning) but I stuttered and stumbled as well. So, no, OP didn't deserve it for being nervous.

  wbrycem  |  0

There's no reason to be nervous when you're getting pulled over for no reason. Even when I was getting pulled over for the first time, I was like wtf, but I wasn't nervous. I was more interested in why I was pulled over in the first place. If you just comply then you'll be fine (yes, even if the cop's a dick). It's not like the cops gonna tase you the minute you roll down your window and then beat you with his flashlight until you can't even recognize your own face.

Haha one time a cop asked me if I thought he was born yesterday. I was like wtf. He pulled me over, asked for my ID, which I didn't have on me, which was wonderful. At the time we were in high school and me and a buddy were just cruising on a Thursday night, and the cop was asking me if we were going to the party. THE party. Like there was only one. I told him I didn't know there was a party going on, and we were just cruising around, and he asked me if I thought he was born yesterday. I was being honest, I had no idea what he was talking about haha. He then IDed my black passenger, which was total bullshit. The guy was a dick, but if you just sit back and take it for like 5 minutes it passes and nothing happens.

  lordmoe  |  0

#20 you ever seen the video where the cop tased the 80 something year old women because she was "unruly"?

the cops don't care who you are, they just are pricks

  gildedmuse  |  0

Can we take bets on #20 being a white straight guy? I mean, I suppose that he could, indeed, be a very naive she, but then since woman are pretty socialized to fear authority, especially male authority, I'm doubtful. I also suppose it's easier to think "you don't have to be nervous unless you've done something wrong!" when stories of rape, beatings, and arrests based on gender/sexuality/race are pouring in all the time. It must be nie, being able to simply breeze past those stories as not affecting you.

By  whatev15342  |  0

That really sucks I'm sorry. I hope everything was okay eventually.
A wierd question- do you have a mild form of schitzophrenia or ASPD at all? cause not to many people use the term "disorganized speech"

  aesculpius89  |  2

no he just found, probably on web md, big impressive sounding phrases to make "nervously laughed so much as to be completely incomprehensible" sound less pathetic

By  howardms  |  0

I don't see how this could have really happened.

1) They can't arrest you for being high, they can only arrest you if you are possession of it.

2) Sure you can get arrested for driving under the influence of something, but they have to do sobriety and field tests on you... They can't just arrested you ASSUMING that you were on something that you weren't..

If you DID in fact get arrested, then YDI for not knowing your rights. If you let that cop arrest you even though he had no evidence to back up what he was saying, then yeah... you are stupid.

  shooter308  |  0

Yes they can arrest you for only being under the influence of a narcotic. At least in California they can, and I'm sure in Oregon it's the same. If you get arrested for DUI of a controlled substance, you can also be charged with being under the influence of a controlled substance.

  shooter308  |  0

yes. yes they can. just like if you have a prescription for Vicodin or Percocet and drive. If you are impaired in any way, you can be arrested. The field sobriety test can be used for alcohol or drugs.