By brebre101 - 31/07/2011 09:05 - Canada

Today, I walked in on my brother performing voodoo on a doll with my picture taped to its face. FML
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I don't think your brother likes you.

Is this the same person that found out her brother was stealing barbie dolls to make them voodoo dolls?

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AND YDI for not knocking! but it could have been wrost..he could have been jacking off. xDD

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sounds like the beginning of a ****-..... oh sorry horror film i have other things on my mind.

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Well at least he didnt do it right

what I would do in your situation is run at him with full speed and do a double kick in face so he gets the message...

54 would'nt that just piss him off and and make him try harder to perfect his voodoo skills?

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HOW DO PEOPLE GET FIRST COMMENTS?! ive always wanted to! Loll

You can always say 'First' even when you're not first. But YDI for wanting something so stupid.

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maybe he has trouble expressing his feelings?

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I didn't know they made inflatable 5 foot voodoo dolls with a mouth and ****** opening. Where can I buy one?

I thought I was the only person thinking that. Haha.

Let me guess, you ate the last cookie in the jar?

Ummm, what exactly does 'performing voodoo' mean?

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Are you currently suffering from face pain op?

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Not so bad unless your bro is a witch doctor. Just typical sibling behaviour.

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Halla Lou Ya! Praise the all mighty king. or something like that o.o

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atleast it wasn't a sex doll...that he was having sex with...with the pic taped on it

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omg that would be sick as hell xD

voodoo? on your annoying little sibling? totally normal. praise Satan!

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I thought it would be one of those "I walked in on my brother masturbating" FMLs

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Well, since OP didn't say he started writhing in pain when his brother poked it with a needle, I'm guessing no.

But now she knows where all those headaches have been coming from! D:

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117 there's also good voodoo that benefits the subject

Where was she sticking the needle ?

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180 - Please explain to me the difference. I must be mire up to date with my terminology.

just thumb it up you don't have to sit here and write some pokemon name in the comments

he just likes seeing you baked in doll form... I would watch out if I were you ;)

I ment naked. now imgonna be viciously rapped by the FML trolls.

Why do u bake dolls?!?! DOLL BAKING = THE NEW FETISH!!! :D

don't worry OP, voodoo only works of performed by a North American licensed witch doctor

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op means original poster. the person who posted to fml

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It means Original Poster and all these guys making silly statements, have no life because they sit on this app thinking about what to say, whilst beating their meat. Dont mind them.

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Jdog619 11
Jdog619 11

*Accidental Repost* Sorry...

Okay, I'm pretty amused with all the sarcasm going on here, but I had trouble figuring out what OP exactly meant when I first came here too. It means Original Person. Kay? Got that kid? You better have because I don't want you posting that question on any other FMLs-- it annoys the viewers.

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