By Anonymous - 15/06/2014 18:01 - United States - Corona

Today, my brother got pantsed by his idiot friends. It was a surprise to everyone that he was wearing women's underwear at the time, but even more of a surprise for me that the underwear belonged to me. FML
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Soooooo, Thong, G-string. granny panties what are we talking about here?


gjikvtj 18

Yeah, the FML's situation or... the other thing

incoherentrmblr 21

The other question is did he have a boner?...

Wonder what his friends are thinking... Wait, did they know they were OP's panties? That would really give them weird ideas!

At least it wasn't one of them new sausage holders that's floating around on Facebook

I don't think that it is better, actually. If he was going commando, then it would simply be that he got his pants pulled down.

This reminds me of John Tucker Must Die

Akkkkwarrrddddd lol.....Time to hide your underwear

Aaand... What happens when OP wants to wear them? Great idea genius!

I think it's time to burn all of your underwear and buy some new ones. And maybe put a lock on your panty drawer. That's creepy.

MAD01502 20

I think some psychiatrist just found a gold mine..

Soooooo, Thong, G-string. granny panties what are we talking about here?

WinterBlue42 22

That detail is something I don't think I really want to know. . *Shudder*

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Asking the important questions.

Replace all your underwear, and put a box of medication for a yeast infection/thrush in the top of the drawer.

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Wow... Awkward family dinner tonight. Haha