By lexiibabe - 25/06/2019 18:30 - United States - Attleboro

Today, my older brother gave me his old phone. He didn't realize that he hadn't deleted his pictures. I found a bunch of him wearing my underwear and bras. FML
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or maybe he wanted to find them ...

At least now you got something to tease (or maybe blackmail) him with


At least now you got something to tease (or maybe blackmail) him with

Save them to five different places, then text him with one of him in your panties with the message, "I hope you think my panties looked good on your ass, because I OWN IT NOW."

bond with him.

or maybe he wanted to find them ...

My thought. I’ve done goofy pics after factory resetting my phone, before giving it to my sister before. I thought that was normal to screw with your sibling. He just took it to a new level of awesome.

That’s super weird what the hell

this isn't exactly an NFL situation, at worst you learned something about your brother you didn't want and at best you have some dirt on him to use later at your own discretion

I don't know, man. The Gronk may have a few skeletons in his closet.

Well, now you know what to get him for his birthday😜

Well, now you can go shopping together at Victoria's Secrets!

Maybe that was his way of coming out to you?

Embarrassing or not you need to talk to him about personal hygiene. Maybe talk to him about shopping with him. Might grow a tight bond. Good luck.

So be a good sibling and delete the photos from the old phone. OR talk to him privately to see if he wants the photos back. Support him. Oh and buy some for 'your drawer' but let him use.