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Today, I walked in on my brother shaving his nuts, all while giggling like a maniac and seemingly high out of his mind. FML
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Why are people disliking my comment? I'm not trying to be clever or say a joke, I'm not being sarcastic either! just saying it was a good one!

27 - there's a button for that, you don't need to comment it.

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@27; you're 13. My sister is almost your age and if she were on sites like this, where language and content is rather open, I'd be kind of upset. I almost thumbed you down just because of your age. People on this site don't censor themselves, it's not a very kid-friendly place in my opinion. /rant over

complete bitches. Anyway, I'm free to do and say what I wanna do and say, 13 is the limit on this site, and if I were 18 or whatever, you guys would think differently wouldn't you? Besides, I just wanna let #1 it was a funny joke, and I KNOW there's a button( I pressed it, ok?)I've known this site for 2 years. If you think you can just be all mean cause someone says what they think, then the same goes for you. I'll say whatever I want, cause I can. And not only are people like this, people like YOU are even more annoying, annoying others, every chance they get. So... Annoy yourselves.

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Wasn't tying to hate; hope I didn't come off that way. Guess I'm just protective considering I practically raised my sister, everyone is different. I'm not trying to tell you what to do, I know that much. Sorry I made you feel like you have to be rude.

#37, your response to everything is why you're being down voted.

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#37, you're being down voted because of the way you act. It's kind of unnecessary and annoying. Which is why (if they wouldn't already avoid me because I apparently have Loseritis) I would avoid people like you if there were any at my school like the plague. Also, before you assume I'm some asshole geezer who doesn't even go to school anymore that just thinks you're a brat or whatever, I'm the same age as you.

She acts that way because she's 13... Which is why sites like this should raise the age requirement.

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#69, not all 13 year old's act like that, though. Some are actually pretty mature (note that I said some, and by "some," I mean the very rare and in between kind of "some"). How would I know? I'm 13. I know more than a few 13 year olds (and younger) who are actually mature. I also know a lot of … Shall we say, less than mature 13 year olds. What the site needs is some sort of maturity test you have to take to be allowed to create an account. Then again, our population would probably get cut down a lot if that happened. (I kid, we may joke around a lot but we know when to stop and be serious.)

Pinkgal, Sometimes your comments will get buried. Sometimes it's because you were being mean. Sometimes it's because what you're saying is obvious or unnecessary. Sometimes it's because you have an unpopular although totally valid opinion. Sometimes it's because people misunderstand your point. Sometimes it's because your spelling or grammar is incorrect. And sometimes it's because you take things too personally or seriously. I get buried now and then. Everyone does. Even very popular commenters like Perdix and Doc Bastard get buried. This site is supposed to be entertaining, so have fun. Don't get worked up over something as trivial as getting buried. It's really not a big deal at all.

To the 13-year-old: You were clearly trying to be sarcastic, and your comment wasn't funny. None of us were born yesterday, and we are not stupid. Say what you want to say, but your immaturity is evident.

#69 (hehe), raising the age limit won't change anything. This is the internet where any 12 year old can be 21 and any 51 year old can be 15 and the opposite gender.

37 - Yikes, a 13 year old with a temper. What else is new? Big whoop you've been on this site for 2 years, i've been here longer, it really doesn't matter. In all honesty, you sound like an obnoxious twat.

You've been on here for two years and you have 66 visits to this site? You're hardly a regular and barely know this site at all it seems xD. Also chill out. As has been said, everyone gets buried every once in a while. I got buried just the other day in fact and people usually upvote me.

Ha u have no idea what 13/14 year olds of this generation are like do u?

And I'm sorry but why are we making such a fuss over 2 ******* words?

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#92 and #109, please tell me you were talking to the other 13 year old. I assume so but I can't be sure because neither of you specify.

And the way you guys all think you act perfect yourselves and treat people my age like this, no matter what we say is a reason I'm acting like this. You don't know what has happened to me, what's up with my life and how hard it has been. So I think I can deal with "mature content". I've seen it a thousand times, and I don't care anymore. Don't treat like a little kid, cause just because I have the age of one, trust me, I'm very much different. So don't tell me what to do, I can go on fml if I want. And, I can let people know they have a nice sense of humour, without simply pressing a button.

Gracehi, I know, I know but it's annoying when that happens if your having a bad day and they completely got the point wrong. I WASN'T BEING SARCASTIC. and for your info, people, I've dealt with many, horrible, bad news and things in my life, yet I've rarely acted "unacceptable" and "kid like". BELIEVE IT OR NOT, I'M QUITE MATURE FOR MY AGE. and I know what you're gonna say. It's hard to believe that I'm actually mature, and you're gonna mock me and everything. Well guess what? I've dealt with people like you, and in the end I always, ALWAYS, prove myself right in the case of MY maturity. So, just say what you wanna say, believe it or not, this generation thinks little kids should just all play with dolls, and toy, and watch cartoons, well the kids of this generation changes too, so don't act like we belong somewhere else.

You're not helping yourself here. Just stop.

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This thread has gotten more drama than it should

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#2, Tickle me Elmo has always been creepy.

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Hopefully he won't remember it!

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#45, if only Brain Bleach existed. That's something I would want to forget.

I would want to make sure he never forgets it lol. You want him to lay off the crack? This method might have a high success rate.

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#88, to me, it sounds more like OP's brother is smoking weed than doing crack. From what I've seen, crack tends to make people kind of edgy and paranoid where weed relaxes people and makes them really happy.

Snapchat his picture to all his friends!!!

Am I the only one who thinks Snapchat is the stupidest thing ever? Next to Vine and Instagram?

Not a great sight to walk in on, but hey if he's happy let him be haha

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Op is in the United States, it's not 4/20 anywhere in the USA at the moment

36 - Time zones, my friend. Time zones.

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41- that still doesn't change the fact that it's 4/19 in the United States

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I guess he could be preparing for 4/20. Still not 4/20 in the USA yet, though.

It could be 4-19 in California, and 4-20 in New York. Am I really the only one who understands this? There's a good few hour time gap where NY is ahead of CA, making it "tomorrow" in New York, and yesterday in California.

FOR INSTANCE - I just checked my world clock. It is currently 9:56 pm 4-19-14 where I am, and 12:56 Am 4-20-14 in New York.

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#70, but the time the FML was submitted doesn't match up. And, yes, it's definitely 4/20 in NYC and the general east coast. I would know seeing as I lived there until this summer. I understand the whole time zone thing very well actually, since I moved all the way across the country to California and have experienced multiple other time zones on vacations over the years.

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70&72- the fml was submitted at 2 in the afternoon, nowhere in the United States was it close to midnight. Besides when i made my comment earlier it was like almost 7 in Cali making it about 10 in the east coast

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#76, I know. He still could've been prepping though. If he got out early, didn't go to school, or isn't in school (or isn't employed, or if his job is a night job), then it would be possible. I actually brought up how the submission time makes it implausible for it to have been 4/20 anywhere in the USA but I digress. Also, yeah, I know what time it was in Cali. I actually live in Cali, the LA-ish part (not downtown but still technically LA county). Also what time it would be in the east coast, I grew up (for the most part) in NYC.

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Ignore the school bit. My day's been so full that my brain died a little and I didn't realize it was Saturday.

#36, it's not "4/20" anywhere outside the US and Canada, it's actually 20/4.

Seriously? I got downvoted for being in a different timezone? Grow the **** up and start downvoting comments that are actually abusive, not ones that make mistakes -_-