By Yupppp. - 11/02/2015 06:25 - United States - Flushing

Today, my new boyfriend with whom I'm completely smitten called me and told me he had an early Valentine's Day gift for me. Gonorrhea. FML
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At least it's not an untreatable STD.

It's the gift that keeps on giving.


Man that sucks

That's pretty much why it's on FML...

in other words he shouldn't have posted his comment or said something you perceive as relevant? some FML folk can be so narrow minded... screw the downvotes man post what you want.

Looks like #43 is gonna have lots of downvotes to screw! :)

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Head to the doc, OP. And I'd probably not pursue a relationship with him.

Why not pursue a relationship? There is no evidence that he knowingly gave it to her, he told her about it. More importantly it's treatable.

Exactly, I think the rude thing to have happened was him to not say anything to her at all. It's something that could be awkward or embarrassing to admit, so he gets points for being upfront. A lot of times they can go unnoticed without symptoms.

But what happens if he'd got it from a former relationship/fling and has only just found out about it himself? Symptoms don't always show themselves straight away if ever. Possibly someone he slept with only found out when they went for screening, contacted him to say it's a possibility so he got checked and was tested positive... anything could happen! :)

"I don't have diarrhea anymore, I have gonorrhea!" "No, seriously, I have gonorrhea."

I agree that it's good he told her, but he kind of told her in a stupid way. He phoned her and told her he had an early valentines gift for her. I don't think he should be making a joke out of something like that, especially considering op's life has now been completely turned upside down. That's the reason I'd reconsider the relationship. He should've sat down and had a serious conversation with her in my opinion. News like that would be hard to hear.

rldostie 19

No reason to dump him. He probably had it from a previous fling/relationship and didn't know (as symptoms can be hidden or slow to show). He told her, he was upfront and honest. It's scary and embarrassing but these things can happen. Luckily it's a treatable STD and she might not even have it (if it's a new relationship, I'd like to believe they were still using condoms until they were tested. That's what I always did. Safe sex is the best sex in the long run).

At least it's not an untreatable STD.

conman531 23

You should have just said "at least it's treatable". People with dyslexia are still trying to figure out what you just said

Sorry, I'll try to do better next time.

Damn it #50! Your comment made me question the wording.

[Russell Brand shows up and starts singing] We got the clap You got the clap We took the yellow ones You took the black Oh oh We got the itch You got the scratch Burns burns burns like the head of a match You took the front I'll take the back Oh Yeah!

#50 You should have just said "dyslexics."

Manosapo 18

Time to start getting ready for a law suit

I hope you're not serious.

I think thts too extreme ... U serious??

really?.... the case of OP vs micro biology is sure to spend most of its time in litigation, I'm sure both parties will settle out of court

That's so stupid. If you knowingly give someone an incurable STD then yeah, sue their ass off but clearly OPs partner didn't know until after and he told her so that she can quickly get it treated

Well to be fair there's not enough information in the fml to say it was "clearly" intentional or not but that's for op to decide, however it is curable and therefore probably not worth the time. Just get treated and if it was accidental and not from cheating don't have sex till your both free of the disease.

No reason to break up now that you have it. Just go to the doctor and make sure he does too!

I completely agree with you. He was honest about it, and it's treatable. No need for OP to overreact.

You should be gone-orrhea from that relationship! I'll show myself out...

i think "gonorrhea-l quick" wouldve been funnier but to each thier own. :)

That's gotta sting

*Clap clap clap* Standing ovation for him being funny!

I think they deserve a round of applause now that it's been passed.

Today I learned something new. For the past 12 years I thought "the clap" was the nickname for chlamydia. I had to look it up. Thank you urban dictionary for clearing that up for me.

It's the gift that keeps on giving.

If this was about OP getting herpes, it would be ALOT more serious

Hey, look on the bright side!'s treatable?