By LLP - 15/10/2020 17:01 - United States

Freudian slip

  Today, I found out there's nothing like getting dumped and then receiving an inadvertent Snapchat sext from your ex-girlfriend that was intended for her new boyfriend, on what would have been your anniversary. FML
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By  princess_stabitty  |  18

Well, I don't know your ex, but to me, that is everything BUT mistakenly sent; that was just yet another way how to rub salt into the injury. Sent that to her current guy witha question how is that proper, sending such things to other guys, and block them both afterwards.

By  Xikira  |  7

I hate to break it to you but this sounds like she did this on purpose. What are the odds of her accidentally sending a sext meant for her boyfriend to you on your anniversary of all days. It sounds like she was just trying to hurt you even further.