By TJFuentes - 11/02/2015 13:39 - United States - Appleton

Today, someone walking my way started waving. I waved back until I realized he wasn't looking at me. To make things worse, while walking past he said, "Get a fucking friend." FML
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One time, my friend pants'd who he thought was another friend, and almost got knocked out. Be glad it wasn't you!

My favourite FML of all time was where two girls saw each other in a parking lot, ran to each other and hugged, only to realize as they pulled away that neither of them knew each other. They both thought the other person was a long lost friend. Too funny! And the way it was worded was hilarious! One of the only fml's where I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes. The image of it was hilarious!

I've gotten into the wrong car before. The driver started driving off until we both realized what had happened. Scary and embarrassing! Lol.

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#50, the same thing happened to me when I was in 1st grade. I was being picked up from school when I got into a car that resembled my mom's and buckled my seatbelt without looking up. When the car started moving I looked to my left and saw an old man that did NOT resemble my mom.

Or. "I wasn't looking at your arrogant ass" then precede to walk past him.

#20 that would make matters worse. Who would she then walk to? Her invisible friend? Lol

So you're saying that OP cannot amount to having any friends? Wouldn't matter if it's s friend or another random student. It'll get the point across and make him feel stupid.

No, he's saying what OP will do when the walk past the rude dude, will she just walk to the nearest stranger and say "Hey, bud!" or disappear?

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This is the kind of comeback I think of when I'm in the shower that evening.

OP: Makin' my way downtown *this happens* OP: Makin' my way uptown

If OP changed direction, she would be following the waver.

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weve all been there before, we feels ya

How rude, he should of just pretended to wave at you too

Tu es petit mais tu n'es pas petit Anglais ou petit Américain, non?

Alors, c'est "should have" pas "should of". :)

lol had this happen to me only we started talking to each other

Well, he didn't have to be a cockwad about it. He could've just said "Not you", and be on his merry way.

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10 years from now, on a quiet night when your trying to sleep, this will still bother you like all the times I messed up in middle school still bothers me.

"I tried, but you weren't waving at me and then you were mean." :'(