By captainfail - 14/07/2009 15:27 - Germany

Today, I applied for my first job. I didn't know how to write a resume, so I copied and pasted one from someone else and reworked it. I got on the bus, handed it in, and left. Then I remembered I forgot to change the contact info and date. FML
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YDI- and dont deserve to get the job over people who werent lazy and wrote their own


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just go back to the company and explain what happened. im sure this kind of thing happens enough so that they are used to it. its not like u did anything wrong by sing someone elses format

I'm replying to the first comment so I can be at the top.

Not really. If she's anywhere near the same age as me, it's not uncommon to not know how to write a resume. I personally went to a Hire-a-Student place to get help writing mine. I strongly suggest the OP does the same next time. Holy sh*t I sound so uptight...

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haha troll? nice tho lol i hate how people are like "UCANT REPLY FIRST POST ONLY TO GET UR COMMENT SEENS" cuz who doesnt want their comments to be seen

no actually that is not a common thing, just a stupid thing. Most people can figure out how to write their own resumées.

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You totally ******* deserved it.

Naw, not if she's my age. I'm 13, and I had no idea how to write one. Other people helped me. I know another 14 year old who got his dad to help him write his.

Theoretically, everyone knows how to write a resume, just throw you experiences on a piece of paper and call it a day. However, not everyone can write a good resume that gets them noticed, and that's why there are zillions of resume self help books on the market. I personally checked out three of these from the library when I decided to reformat my resume a few years ago because I wasn't getting success.

why cant she just go in with a new resume?

bingo, just plagiarize again and use a slightly different font

I don't think she plagiarized it - that was what I thought at first, but I think she just changed the information in each field (except for contact) to her own.

Wouldn't that be like, the first thing you would think to change? YDI

#3, you're assuming she THOUGHT in the first place. OP, there's nothing shameful about not knowing how to write a resume; we all had to learn at some point. But there IS something shameful about plagiarizing. You should ask someone to help you, or even look it up online. There are plenty of websites that teach you how to write things like that. I don't know about Germany, but here in America we have government agencies that help people find jobs (in New York State it's called One Work Source) and one of their services is to help you write resumes, and it's free. See if there's anything like that there?

YDI- and dont deserve to get the job over people who werent lazy and wrote their own

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He stated he didn't KNOW how to write one so he just filled in his information. You aren't taught how to write a resume until college and it was his first job so he's probably only of high school age. So why wouldn't he just copy and paste? Should he rewrite all of the headings or sections himself to make it look identical? That's just called common sense to do it the easiest way. FYL.


You mean she. But just the same, YDI.

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#24 I jus graduated high school and I know how to write a resume I wasa taught in 10th grade I know how to do a business one and one for an acting job O.P You totally deserve it dum ass next time proof read and changing the name should have been the 1st thing u did U FAIL MISERABLY

I was taught how to write a resume in seventh grade. Then again in eighth, and finally in nineth grade. Whatever schools you guys have goen to fail at life if you haven't learned by college because most people get jobs before college. Also, this is when a simple google search on how to write a resume comes into play.

Hey, shocking news break, not all public schools teach the same things at the same time or at all, amazing I know!!

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i completely agree with #24 except i don't think this is an fml because you should be able to send another

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Actually, some high schools are starting to teach resume-writing skills in typing classes, and etc. The high school isn't necessarily rich or fancy. It's a still newer thing though, and a lot of students still don't learn until college.

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Should've gone to college. They teach you to write a resume.

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If its their first job I doubt they're of college age

#7: Actually, college doesn't necessarily teach you how to make a resume. I had a class called "Internship" which was *supposed* to teach you how, but the teacher never did. Most people failed that class and complained, but she has tenure so even though she couldn't teach for beans...well. I managed to pass only because one of my neighbors works in HR and looks at resumes all day so she helped me write one. I was one of four to actually have a resume done, and therefore actually get an internship. The other people already had a job before the class.

Yeah, my college did suck. But anyway what I said is true. Not all colleges offer that. Also, awesome, 100th comment on this FML. :)

I hope the person whose original resume you copied gets the job. Dumbfuck.

They actually teach you your freshman year of high school here how to write a résumé. That was truly pathetic though OP.