By Talis - United States - Eureka
Today, at work, a drunk demanded a salad dressing we don't have. He marched into my kitchen and demanded I make it for him. When I said we didn't have the ingredients, he pushed the microwave over and stormed out. My boss came in and wrote me up for being "pushy and rude to customers". FML
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  cupcakebruh  |  21

This happened to my aunt last year on her birthday, only it was the other way around. She was the drunk and she stormed into the kitchen demanding a certain type of steak sauce. When they told her they were out, she started to make her own..

  LostInTheZone11  |  28

That's why I like one of the signs I see at Jimmy John's. The customer is usually right.

By  Tripartita  |  44

If it's any consolation, just imagine that man was extremely disoriented and thought he was requesting you mix up an antidote to the lethal poison he mistakenly ingested before being interrupted and assaulted by a rectangular metal beast.