By Chris Altenbach - 23/02/2010 20:55 - United States

Today, I got off from work and noticed that the weather finally warmed up after the recent snowstorm. I hopped into my car and rolled down the windows. When I opened the sun roof, a foot of snow came falling into my car. FML
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You didn't know there was snow on you're roof? How can you not know?

bigpapi210 0

YDI how can you not see snow on top of your car?? what a dumbass!


You didn't know there was snow on you're roof? How can you not know?

I am thinking OP forgot in the excitement over the warm weather.

I get what you mean, but how would that make him not notice the foot of snow? I guess he sat down in the car and is like, nice weather, thump, snow

ravensunnyd 0

I have to agre whith imaginaryfo

I would have thought instead of seeing the beautiful sky the OP would have seen a solid lump of snow through his sunroof before he opened it... oh well

Well what do you expect!!! Cupcakes to fall out???

Well the real question is how dumb the OP is. Most, if not all, sunroofs open slowly. And we all know how the snow all the way at the bottom is usually the softest and most powdery. So as the OP opened his sunroof, snow should have fell into his car bit by bit. I think that sums it up pretty well.

Felendris 0

err. I don't think he forgot. I call fake. he lives in COLARADO (or however you spell it, screw spelling -_-). there's no way OP couldn't have expected this if it's true.

That's what ya get when ya let your heart win! whoa~o~o~o!

@42 YEEEESSSSS!!!!! lol that made my day! @OP honestly, sure its a little warmer but obviously if theres a foot of snow on your car its not really that warm, so you probably didnt need your windows open anyway...and if the snow was on your car im sure it was on the ground as well...ydi for not noticing.

THATS NOT SNOW... ITS SEMEN!! OP might wanna get himself checked..

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what kind of car does OP drive? i dont think my sun roof would open with a foot of snow on it. i think the motor wouldnt lift and slide with that much weight...

did he not see the snow when he walked up to it and unlocked it??how????

killmer 0

hey op do u live in Iowa by any chance!! :D

didn't you idk see the snow on the roof?? if not your blind. not that I have anythin against blind people, it's just true...

mayb it was falling from the tree or something. but still YDI for not noticing :)

op fails. how would you not know therewas snow there? although, this made my day !

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wow. that is soo..... just WOW.

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"I got off from work..." Work gets you off? I wish I liked my job that much.

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so sad the stupidity of people these days


lol you should check first. that would probably happen to but theirs no snow in salinas =P