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Today, my boyfriend of 2 months and I had sex for the first time last night. This afternoon he texted me saying, "I had an amazing night with you yesterday." Following that text he said, "I forgot to tell you I have an STD." FML
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What a dirt bag moves on his part. Hopefully you used protection OP. Get to a Doctor as soon as possible to get checked!!!

I'm hoping you wore protection, but I'm guessing you didn't


I'm hoping you wore protection, but I'm guessing you didn't

Not all STDs can be prevented with protection sadly. It depends what one he has. But hopefully OP is okay and that the STD he has is curable.

All condoms except bareskin condoms protect from STDs I believe.

You can get herpes just from kissing. And condoms don't protect in case of, well, oral-vaginal contact. =(

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oral herpes, aka cold sores, you can. but it would be just that; oral. unless there was oral sex involved. (he ate her out with a blister on his mouth or vice versa.)

This is why people should get tested before sex. I know it sounds "old school" but these things can be prevented.

I always make my boyfriends get an STD test before I'll have sex with them. Well, I've only had two that I actually had sex with, and I had an STD test in between, so there really wasn't that much testing going on. But still, it's a good idea, especially if you're like me and hate condoms.

Why so many down votes what he said is correct, they do protect against stds he didn't say they 100% prevent them.

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Herpes is actually a class of viruses, genital herpes is the main one you hear about, but cold sores and chickenpox are also herpes viruses, something like 90% of the population has had herpes...

Scabies isn't an STD - it's just easily transmitted due to skin contact. Please do your research.

actually nothing can protect you from herpes

You do know there's multiple strains of herpes right? I sure hope your not having sex without being properly informed of all STDs and their strains.

Scabies actually is considered an STD/STI

Actually, it's possible to get either kind from kissing, depending on what strain they have. HSV-1 is typically oral, but can be contracted genitally from oral sex with an infected partner. HSV-2 is genital and can be caught orally the same way.

happy that at least when I was a kid I was immune to chickenpox. rather be a 1% but a 10%er is good too then :-$

What a dirt bag moves on his part. Hopefully you used protection OP. Get to a Doctor as soon as possible to get checked!!!

Depending on state laws and the particular STD you can actually sue him for not indicating it beforehand.

Anyone ever wonder if this type of FML was posted by using only part of the conversation? IE: What if afterward the guy said, "jk" but OP thought it would make a great FML anyway?

No. Just no. That's not something to joke about

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Leprosy isn't exactly a subtle disease. If you're having sex and you don't notice skin sores on the arms and legs, you may want to start paying attention more often.

This has nothing to do with the post, but hey there Master Jiraya xD

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I think that's only if the std is hiv

unfortunately I don't believe so unless he purposely gave her a life threatening one but that's hard to prove.

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No, though most people think so. Any misinformation about sexual communicable diseases is illegal.

Unfortunately not. The only criminal act is for HIV/AIDS. That is because it is a deadly virus. You could take them to civil court for damages, but even then you have to prove damage.

but our wonderful cops wont gaf...

Actually, in the state of Ohio it is illegal to have sex with someone without informing them of having a STI (std).

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not sure, probably depends on where you live, different states and countries have different laws.

Most of the U.S. Has laws stating if you know your infected and don't inform your partner , then you can be incarcerated. Especially in ones that cause death or pain then the punishment can be even worse . I can't believe how many people on this site are so ignorant to safe sex and transmission of diseases . Lord have mercy!

yeah, but we don't know if it's life threatening plus he can still claim she contacted it from someone else. so her entire sexual history will have to be displayed to prove no one else has it. most people don't want to do that, that's why not to many people are charged for it suing would be her best bet.

That text is proof it's from him and not anyone else.

130# there is ways to tell for some diseases... Plus he told her he "forgot" to tell her . That's damning evidence .

Some people don't even know they're carrying an STD. Sometimes it lays dormant for quite some time. Obviously not the case in this FML, but some people really don't know they have one, so it's hard to press charges on someone if they honestly showed no symptoms and had no idea.

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Coming from a medical field, in Texas it IS a crime to knowingly not tell someone you have a sexually transmitted disease if it is not curable.

She should tell him she forgot to kick his ass, and then follow through

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He knew it, so it is a crime, depending where he lives.

@ #50 actually, willful and knowledgeable transmission of HIV is a felony. in my early 20s, i used to work in a courthouse in my home state of NC as a clerk and i dealt with with a man in his 40s who was facing this charge. what made it worse, he was hitting on a waaaaay younger female (the girl was in her mid 20s) in line while waiting to come to my dept as if he didn't know he was sick. some of the things he said i will not repeat. then to top it all off, this douchebag gets a very unnecessarily bad attitude with me after he finds out he missed his court date for some charges and subsequently had a warrant. then he made a HUUUUUUGE mistake and thought i'd let him slide on it after what i had witnessed for 30mins. the mistake: he forgot that first, he had other drug charges and got the dates mixed up (honest mistake which could've been corrected, but he didn't wanna hear any of it. in fact, he insisted that i and my office were responsible for his shenanigans rather than him and/or his attorney) and second, if you're 18+, your info is public record so i wasn't breaking the law when he asked me what the charges that had the warrant were, and i read them out aloud for everyone including that young girl to hear...i've never seen a grown man run away so quickly with their tail between their legs. all the other customers saw the whole thing and then genuinely thanked me for my actions, in particular the young girl. she waited for me to go out on lunch and treated me that day to a free lunch and awesome conversation. we hung out a few times after that, but it didn't take off, but w/e she was a really cool girl

I feel like this needs a follow up. Did you use protection? If not, was the STD he has cured easily? Details, OP. FYL, douchebag move he pulled.

i it was cured easily wouldnt the guy have no more STDs sorry if im stupid

#235, maybe he's lazy/doesn't want to pay to have it cured.

That sucks OP!! He's an ass for not telling you before or suggesting the use of protection :/

He sucks as a human being. Dump him immediately.

Yeah, he "forgot" - "Oh. And I contracted it last week... when I accidentally had sex with my ex."

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Just say, "it's okay. I forgot to tell you that I was born as a male."

This logically makes no sense due to the fact that they have had sex already seeing no penis on her. Even if she was a male that doesn't mean the STD wouldn't spread. Both situations is a lose for OP.

I believe #11 was hinting at the possibility of a sex change.

thatonetribute 31

No, I was just joking. Trying to think of a way to get back at him. OP should just dump the jerk.

I think a lot of guys would be disturbed if they found out they had sex with a former male.

That is why you refuse sex until both of you have an STD test and pass

I don't know why you're being down voted. I agree with you. You're going to take a gamble with your health just because you're horny? Condoms don't stop every STD.

Good idea, but the test might not detect one that shows up later.