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Today, while with my new boyfriend, my ex called to tell me I needed to go to the doctor to get checked out. He had gotten an STD from the girl he cheated on me with. FML
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At least he had the courtesy to tell you.


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now you all have something in common.

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57- he cheated on her dumbass -.-

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Ummm, atleast he told you to get checked? I dob't know!! FYL Op!

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she should've gotten checked anyways after changing partners

she did not cheat on him?he cheated on her?

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well i guess if the new guy sticks around then he's a keeper! good luck

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I wish you the best really, but safe sex? Hello?

It doesn't have to be safe you can trust your partner. OP was obviously in an exclusive relationship and only got the STD from the ******** bf not honoring that. So it's more like "find better partners" than "safe sex." I love my gf and she loves me, and neither of us would cheat in a million years, so there's no reason to keep it "safe" beyond not getting her preggers.

The thing is, though, that one can never be 100% sure a boy/girlfriend is never going to cheat.

Condoms can't protect you from everything. HPV (aka genital warts) is the most common STD in the world, and condoms do very little to prevent it. Oh yeah, and it's uncurable. Ain't that a bitch?

that's would you think #12. but really. the op couldve been in the same position and been surprised.

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12- So...when you see a really sexy girl, you don't think "Damn, she's hot."? If she wanted to have sex with you, would you do it? If you hesitate to make the decision then chances are you would cheat on your girlfriend, if you were given the chance.

HPV is not genitl warts. HPV stands for human papilloma virus and it's cancer in the uterus. genital warts are a completely different thing

bahaha hpv... how did u get genital warts out of thatt? thatts rich!

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Actually HPV, the human papillomavirus, is a virus that infects the skin or mucous membranes, causing warts. It's a similar virus to the one that causes warts on the hands. You can have HPV without signs of infection, or you may get genital warts. Either way HPV can lead to cervical cancer. But next time you want to call someone an idiot, make sure you have your facts or you'll be the bigger idiot.

34 There is no hesitation, not every guy is ruled by his dick. Cheating to me is selfish, disrespectful, and just wrong. Also, seeing someone and thinking they're attractive, and wanting to/ having sex with them are two entirely different things.

Actually, I'm an OB/GYN nurse, and one particular strain of HPV causes genital warts; other strains do cause cervical cancer. So you're both partially correct. =)

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43- While I agree with you on the selfish and disrespectful part, I still see some connection between finding someone attractive and wanting to have sex with that person. It depends on what you find "attractive" on the person. 48-....sarcasm?...

HPV is both actually. There are many different types/strains of HPV. Genital Warts is caused by one of the HPV strains. HPV also causes abnormal pap smears and sometimes pre-cancerous cells changes but it doesn't always cause cancer. Sometimes it clears up on it's own.

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Interesting concept 39! :) But it should be made clear that 36 nor 37 instigated that she was an idiot for saying "HPV is Genital warts. " 36 merely corrected her, in the attempts to be helpful and 37 had a laugh I suppose lmfao.

53 - Even if I WAS sexually attracted to someone else, I would still never agree to have sex with this person, even if I wasn't in a relationship. This is simply because I don't have casual sex nor could I be attracted to someone that did. Before I get flamed for that statement, it is just my personal conviction, I am not religious, I just don't believe in having sex w/o love. I think he meant me

Unless you're both virgins or you've both been tested, you can not know if you carry an STD. Some of them have no symptoms. Especially in men.

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About that, @12.. I've been meaning to tell you.. I'm HIV positive. I'm really sorry, it must've been from your brother the other night we were drunk :/.

I'm not sure what your point is with this comment. If you're referring to how me and my gf would never cheat; neither of us drink/drugs so that does not apply. I also don't have a brother.

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That dudes gf is totally gonna cheat on him, I'm sorry but he's a totally pussy. As for HPV.. it's just like herpes.. And by that I mean chicken pox and shingles are both caused by a type of herpes. Kinda makes me wish I didn't get vaccinated lol.

phuster ... grow some nuts and quit copy and pasting google thats copy-write

So much of this whole thread is all types of wrong and stupid xD Also I believe when he, ^ up there, said that he wouldn't find someone who has casual sex attractive I think he means that he doesn't think easy is hot... the fact I had to explain this is ridiculous...

24. u dumb blonde. warts is no where near the most common STD. it's chlamydia. get ur facts right instead of trying to act clever when ur clearly not.

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Lol, some of you guys are being ****** up to Phuster.

What's so difficult to understand. I prefer women that don't just give away their bodies in an attempt to gain someones affection, or those that do it with anyone purely because it's fun. I did say it was my personal conviction, what does it matter to you? I'd take being a "totally pussy" over being like most men any day. 93 I haven't spewed any STD facts or anything else that could have been copy-pasted. 97 I expect nothing less from the Internet.

phuster, I admire your convictions (and the guy who called you a pussy has no idea what it means to be a real man). however I think the problem most people had with your original comment is the extreme naïveté it takes to say "you and your gf would never cheat In a million years". you can only speak for yourself. sadly ANYTHING is possible, and while I believe that you two love each other deeply and I sincerely hope you can both hold true to your convictions, people are human and can make mistakes...even horrible ones. and for everyone spreading ignorance about STD's and HPV, please don't act like you know what you're talking about if you don't. yes, hpv is the most common and that is because most of the population are asymptomatic carriers (most guys carry it on their dicks and don't know it) and there are several strains that can cause genital warts (usually in women) and predispose to cervical cancer.

It's not absurd at all. Hopefully the sexual repression comment was somewhat sarcastic, cause that's not how it is at all. Sex is fun, there's no shame in it, I just believe that you should only do it with those you love. I believe that when you have sex whenever you get the chance it only depreciates the value of it. Im not forcing my opinions onto you, I'm not saying that they're far superior to anything else, and I don't think lesser of those that don't share my beliefs. That's pretty much all I'm saying; you're the idiot for not catching onto that yet. So if you knew that girl was the village bicycle, you'd still want to be with her? I don't believe it to be naive, I know several people that have been the cheater or cheatee, and I knew the circumstances of their relationships that made the cheating occur. I am extremely confident in my statement despite what you may think.

You may be confident, Phustercluck, but so was I.

Your arguments are so flawed. I'm not attracted to one specific character attribute so therefore all of these people are "below me," what type of person thinks like that? I'm not attracted to them, THAT'S IT, stop turning me into some type of high and mighty person; I am not putting myself up on a pedestal. So intelligent people can't be *****?

Everyone has something that would turn them off to someone. Would you be attracted to someone that was everything you're looking for but is also a complete idiot? You're an intelligent person, do you think you could live with someone like that? They all have similar thoughts about sex...which is what I find unattractive about them. So now I can't use the word "****" to describe someone like that, village bicycle isn't exactly a technical term, then again neither is ****. To be PC; an extremely promiscuous person. As I've been saying the whole time; I have no animosity towards people that choose to be that way, they just aren't what I'm looking for in a woman.

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From the way I read this, it seems that Phustercluck, more than anything else, wishes to avoid conflict with a potential love. A huge difference in opinion regarding something related to the relationship will cause conflict. Conflict is unpleasant, and a turn off. Therefore, the cause of the conflict (differences in opinions about sex) is a turn off. See how that works? Clearly, I'm not PhusterCluck, so I could be getting this entire thing wrong, but it makes sense to me.

To be honest, I think everyone got it except for organisedchaos (which is weird — he's quite intelligent).

you are such a girl your only fighting this so much cuz u know u will never get it In ... or your gay ??

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There are two main types of HPV, each type with hundreds of strain. One type causes CERVICAL cancer (not uteral cancer), and the other causes genital warts. Get your facts straight. My ex got it from some **** he slept with prior to our relationship, and even though we used condoms every time I still got it. Cervical cancer screenings twice a year...

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You're an idiot. You can still get an STD with a condom for any number of reasons.... Like say.... it breaking.

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Oh my, that's really awful. :(

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That sucks op. I'm sure you've learned your lesson...

What "lesson" could the OP possibly have learned from this?

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to not cheat on her boyfriend again

the ex boyfriend was the cheater, OP didn't cheat on him

@72 She didn't cheat, the ex boyfriend did.

At least he had the courtesy to tell you.

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Whether he told her or not, he still cheated on her which makes him a cheating asshole. He deserve's the STD that he got and I hope he suffers for giving it to the OP. It doesn't even matter if he knew that he had an STD or not. He still had sex with the OP when he was cheating.

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I'm sure your boyfriend can aid you with the crabs you need to crack. And once you succeed, everyone will clap for you. Don't go near any bee hives with a crusty crustacean!

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I'm sorry, that sucks . :/ Hope that test went in your favour .

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you should kick him in the balls n kick the STD gal in the va Gina haha and maybe your current bf should kick you there too