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Today, my boyfriend proposed. Two hours later I get a text from my ex announcing he has just been diagnosed with chlamydia. I now have to explain this to my fiancé. FML
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1) He's your ex 2) He has an STD 3) He could have given it to you while you were together It seems pretty damned easy to explain unless I'm missing a step... 4) You're still sleeping with him


I believe that is his engagement present to you

Read the FML, her ex has the STD, not his.

I believe that 1 is saying that the STD is the ex's wedding present to OP

Better than getting herpes! Chlamydia isn't permanent so it's all good

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If she's been in a relationship long enough to get married, is there not a good chance that the ex contracted chlamydia well after her relationship with him? I'd get tested before telling the fiancé.

Unless you are allergic to pennaciloan (sp) then you're outta luck.

I had the same thought 39. This info cold be completely irrelevant.

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she was cheating on her boyfriend with her ex! girls nowadays...

But if the ex contracted after they were together, why would he be texting her to tell her?

53 - if the ex just got tested for it, he might have no idea when he initially got it

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the gift that keeps on giving

9-Duh obviously only you didn't get that! FYL DUMMY

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42- You aren't given Penicillin for Chlamydia.

I highly recommend getting tested before telling your fiancé. It's one of those "don't plant the seed" situations. If your clean, no need to start the fight (there's alway a fight) and if your not clean.... Good luck.

Don't take it personally op! Maybe your ex was just trying to be civic minded by telling everyone he slept with that he has chlamydia so that they too could get checked:)

Stds are deal breakers. I could never marry or date anyone who had an std. Keep your bugs to yourself.

I'm not trying to be a judgmental asshole, but this goes to show you that you should only have sex with your husband or wife.

If it's possible that news of your engagement got around to your ex within a couple of hours then maybe he's just saying that out of spite and jealousy?

And This is Why I'm Waiting till I'm Married to Have Sex.

Or people could just wear condoms and not have sex with every person they meet.

Would you like a reward? Also Why Do You Type Like This ?

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Well, it is her ex, not just some random stranger she had sex with

I'm waiting until marriage too! And ima guy :p

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What if you're disappointed when you finally have sex with the guy you marry? "Gotta take the car for a test drive before you buy it".

54- The key you can't stick in any holes 0.o

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Oh that's right I forgot, marriage protects you from stds

I don't see why this comment is being attacked. Because she wants to wait until she gets married? She's 14 and saying this, this is refreshing, and congrats to her. How can she be disappointed with sex from her husband if it's going to be the only sex she experiences? I'm sure she'll talk to her husband about pleasure, like any couple do. As far as STD's go, I'm sure she'll know her husband well enough before they get married to find out if he has anything.

Did anyone else notice that she is only 14. That is probably the reason why she doesn't know that you can use protection to avoid std's. I also hope that you have another reason for staying a virgin until your married besides this one, because that reason is kind of stupid. @19. My guess would be that it's "cool" to type like that.

That's a good goal at age 14. Might change your mind later on in life, but that's all on you.

14 year olds are not that ignorant or sheltered, usually

She's 14 and people didn't realize this because it's a "17 and older" app!

I'm 14 and I'm also waiting until marriage to have sex. It's not because I don't know about safe sex, I just chose to abstain from sex. It's a personal thing and it has nothing to do with others. I'm not going to call you a **** if you think otherwise so don't call me a prude :P

She's not just typing with misplaced capital letters, people! She's typing out an acronym! It's our first clue! A.T.W.I.W.I.M.H.S! Now to get out my handy dandy NOTEBOOK! I think it means: Attention Teamsters With Infected Wieners, I Might Hit Someone! . . . But what does it mean? I guess we need to look for more clues!

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No one cares, this is just as annoying as when people preach religion or political views, just stfu and let people live their lives.

By the way, I do support your pledge of abstinence, Tammie, but I don't think it fair to state it in the manner that you did. :)

@ 98 I never called her a prude or told her that staying a virgin until you're married is wrong. I don't think that anyone did that. I was just saying that she is only 14 years old. I only mentioned her age, because there are still alot of 14 year olds who don't know about safe sex. The other reason I mentioned it is, because alot can change when you get older. You also shouldn't assume things. According to your logic you think that i'm a ****, because I don't agree with you. I hate to dissapoint you there, but I'm also a virgin and planning to stay one untill i get married. I know alot of people who aren't virgins anymore, but that doesn't make the *****. To each his own.

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What's chlamydia? I don't know what it means .__.'

Dude, she's thirteen, so she probably really doesn't know lol

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17- Will you tell me? I can't understand the FML

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Search it In google images. That should tell you all you need to know.

17, Thats why FML does (or should) have an age limit...

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I found out what it is...thanks... That's really awful though!

Didn't it used to? Like back in its heyday?

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When you download the app a message comes up about inappropriate content and you have to confirm that you're 18.

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Yeah and it's not like anyone could just press the button confirming they're 18 without actually being 18! That would be unrealistic. We all know that ninjas attack when lies are made.

You do realize FML isn't an app, right? It's 13 years old for the website, 17 to download pretty much any app on iTunes.

I'm not on iTunes and I have the app. good rule of thumb: don't speak if you don't know what you're talking about.

Jesus should probably take the wheel on this one.

Damn son!!! I guess since it's a safe bet he already has it, LET THE MARRIAGE CONTINUE!!!!

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Lmao your comment cracked me up so hard

This is why I want both myself and my partner to be tested before having sex...

^ You don't need to announce that to the world.

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^ this is the Internet, not the world. and no-one knows who she is anyway, she can say what she wants.


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Maybe OPs ex had sex with another girl and got it and was diagnosed

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Now at your age, you're going to be having a lot of urges. You're gonna want to take off your clothes, and touch each other. If you do touch each other, you will get chlamydia. And die. Chlamydia; K-L-A......

How close were those relationships exactly..and how quickly did you get engaged?!

Chlamydia is quite often symptom free. You could have it for years and be none the wiser..

Chlamydia often does not have any visible symptoms for women and can be undetected for months or even years. For men though it can show up in a number of months so if she got a call from an ex it seems there may have been some over lap in the relationships or a rather short courting period.

My question exactly and also did this girl cheat with ex

YDI for not getting checked before getting in a serious relationship.

She may have been checked, not everything shows up straight away in a screening. Usually you're told to have a second check up 6 months later for this very reason...

Well she be giving it out to who else knows she should tell her fiancé about her having it. Unless she is going into this marriage lying and keeping secrets from her soon to be husband.

Why did you agree to marry someone so soon after sleeping with an ex? YDI. That disease's incubation isn't long enough for a stable relationship to form in between exposure and diagnosis.

Sometimes chlamydia does not show any of it traits. You do not feel sick, nothing, but the infection may prolong inside of your body making you sterile without you ever knowing it. So the ex's confession tells you absolutely nothing about how long since they had sex. Could be even years.

75, I think your doctor may be misinformed. More commonly showing symptoms - yes, this doesn't mean the majority of men will show symptoms. This is simply an unfortunate circumstance, why the hell are there so many people saying she deserves it?

Well he obviously got it from an ex before OP, seeing as he's JUST NOW calling her because he himself just found out. So she would have had it during the duration of their relationship as well as her current relationship. So clearly there were no symptoms.

1) He's your ex 2) He has an STD 3) He could have given it to you while you were together It seems pretty damned easy to explain unless I'm missing a step... 4) You're still sleeping with him

It's easy to explain and I'm sure her fiancé will be fine with it. Still it's not a fun conversation to have, "Hey babe you know how you gave me a diamond? Well I might have given you an STI!!" hence the FML..

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If he truly loves her, and she wasn't cheating on him, they should be able to work through it together. A strong commitment to someone can withstand this long as it was contracted before the relationship started.

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I think her fiancé would be more worried that she might also have chlamydia and might have passed it to him. "When" or "how" she got the disease (if it turns out she did) wouldn't be the first of his worries. So yes, it's a difficult conversation to have.

Easily explained, not easily received.

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183-- I see what you did there

Get yourself checked and tell your fiancé, there is no need for an explanation - if you caught it, it was from when you and your ex were together. The only problem I see is if you've told your fiancé that you're a virgin

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23- they could also be sleeping together, you can't assume anything.

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Or 73, you could assume that she's still sleeping with her ex and caught it from him.

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Seriously, 62? Don't assume? What do you think you're doing? You are ASSUMING she's a cheater.

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161- I was doing that because of 73's comment...

Or he got it before that and just got an inspection/appointment.

Reality check people, men don't always show symptoms, and if the last time he was tested was back before they were together and this was found through a random screening he needs to tell all potential carriers. This means she gets notified by default. It doesn't mean she gave it to him, it doesn't mean he gave it to her, it means they're doing the right thing by ensuring the infection doesn't spread. ******* hell, its not complicated.

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Chalmydia is very curable. Its an STI, go to the doctor.

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Oh man, I thought chlamydia was an imaginary majestic animal, not an STI..

I don't see the problem, unless op is still sleeping with her ex, or JUST broke up with her ex for a guy who immediately proposed.

27 Ur a dumbass U learn this crap in sex Ed or of ur in high school u learn it in health