By AllergyRidden - 24/12/2011 22:05 - United States

Today, my Mom and I found out that we're allergic to the wood my Dad has been making fires with. She can't see, I can't breathe. FML
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When I first read this all I saw was "dad" and "wood". Glad that didn't go in the direction I was heading. BTW Merry Christmas everyone, or "Happy Holidays" for all you politically correct bastards ha.


"that sucks" does it really? It's as bad as saying "first". OP- sorry about the allergies! Switch wood & have a merry Christmas (:

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Must be because he's using his morning wood.

OP and his/her mom can celebrate Christmas in the hospital and get free flowers from relatives!

Free flowers? After medical bills id want free ******* $

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Be nice. Tis christmas. I know how this is because I am allergic to birch trees regular trees... Grass mold moss... Flowers... Anything that is nature... :p yeah i am allergic to the world. Lol. Merry Christmas!

Awe, common. Breathing is for squares anyway.

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You breathe too much anyway..

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I am sorry OP :( maybe go to the doctor and ask if they have any meds for it ? Anyways, Have a Merry Christmas !(:

Umm buy a heater? Im sure you have a fireplace. Then now that i think about it i dont know why your dad is burning wood anyways

Maybe because your supposed to burn wood in a fireplace, because if you burn charcoal indoors like in a fireplace there is a possibility of death due to the Carbon Monoxide gas that is released in the burning of charcoal. Also during the holidays most people lite their fireplaces.

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shit just hit the fan for 24.^

I never said that you did suggest charcoal.

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shit just hit the fan for 25.^

Im using a heater so you can imagine the smell isnt going away anytime soon 30.^

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What else do you burn in a fireplace besides wood? And not everyone wants a heater. Fireplaces are nice to curl up next to with a book, or banging the shit out of someone. A heater just wouldn't give the same effect.

Well the fireplace is making them sick, and if they dont want a heater they should get a pellet oven then

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The fireplace wasn't making them sick, the type of wood was. There are more than one type of tree in the world.

i'll bet daddy was burning wood to... oh, hell, I don't know... heat the fricken house...? quite possibly...? not only is a furnace expensive to run, but you don't get as good of a heating effect. if you've experienced both, you'll know what I mean. I understand that this is 2011 and wood heated houses are almost extinct, but there's still a few out there...

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And fireplaces give off the most heat. Fireplaces are the best of both worlds! :) They set the mood for the holidays AND it'll warm up the whole house! (you have to keep all of your doors open for that effect) I love fireplaces! Heaters are kinda boring and noisy anyway.. Merry Christmas guys! :)

Reminds me of that movie with Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor, "Hear No Evil, See No Evil"… or was it the other way around?

Just double-checked. It's the other way around. D'oh

That film is ****** up but kinda funny at the same time. So obvious at times though lol. They make the guy out as such a cutie though :P

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And knowing is half the battle!

If knoweledge is power, then isnt power halve the battle??

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really? you're going to fix *half, but not *knowledge? dumbass.

When I first read this all I saw was "dad" and "wood". Glad that didn't go in the direction I was heading. BTW Merry Christmas everyone, or "Happy Holidays" for all you politically correct bastards ha.

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Well, Christmas is derived from a Pagan holiday.

It's not due to political correctness, it's nice for everyone who doesn't celebrate christmas ya douche!

Happy Hannuka!!! Now you christians know how it feels to be left out :p

I just say 'Go **** yourself' and offend everybody equally. Go **** yourself, everyone!

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