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Today, my husband left his laptop logged in to a chat site after leaving for work. Curious, I read some of the logs, and discovered he has been posing as a woman and holding filthy conversations with "hot teen lesbians" for the past several months. FML
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Funny thing is, I bet 90% of those "hot teen lesbians" were also grown men. Still, what a pedobear...

bizarre_ftw 21

You're married to a diabolical genius bastard! In other news, if you've been wanting to branch out and experiment lately you don't have to worry about how he'll react any more :)


bizarre_ftw 21

You're married to a diabolical genius bastard! In other news, if you've been wanting to branch out and experiment lately you don't have to worry about how he'll react any more :)

PeeblesWiggins 0

Your husband was most likely chatting with 40 year old men who still live in their mom's basements, so don't feel too bad.

Op should pose herself as one of those filthy teens and then flip the book on him. Turn into a pyscho and insist on meeting.

I wonder what kind of role-play he suggests in bed...

Ingenious man indeed. There is, however one potential flaw in his devilish scheme. What if some bloke had the same idea as him? *awkward mode engaged*

Well at least OP won't have to worry if she ever asks him if he minds if she "experiments" sometime ;)

You and your husband should have a nice, long talk about how ****** up that is.

Lmfao at #11! I'd be willing to bet yer probably right! Bleh!

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Interesting shirt. Did you buy it?

noobgang7 5

Just be glad he wasn't looking for guys :P

its better than a gay chatroom right? that would be awkward....

bizarre_ftw 21

115 - BEST way to come out I've Ever heard!!!!!!! XD if I ever switch sides I'm buying that shirt!!

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48- You are an evil genius. If I was OPs wife, I would so do that.

That's exactly what someone already said

ur pic is kinda scary lookin, like sum crack hoe hoe hoe murry Christmas

209- If you're comment 209 and she's comment one, she would have said it before you because it's ever so ******* obvious. Now quit your whining and go watch Elf.

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Thats an akward conversation at the dinner table later...

OP deserves it for sneaking around in chat logs.

JoHan55_fml 7

^ I honestly don't know why I'd say something as stupid as that *slaps himself in the face*

GoW_Chick 14

It's okay 36 you were just distracted by the words hot teen lesbians you get a pass

M0rt 0

You know every man has his vices

asoptavlo14 6

36- I sure got a kick in the rear out of that one. Caboose = rear end of a train for people that never liked trains..

#53: It's okay *Mr.* Misfit, your real identity is safe with me!

Next thing you know Chris Hansen will be walking into your living room!

"hey! i'm chris hansen with dateline NBC. what are you doing here? ah, just visiting? yes, were you aware that there is a married man here? yep. now, i have several chat logs here. do you recognize these?"

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152 your profile pic doesn't correspond with your information.

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198- Don't hate, his pic is awesome haha

210- anonymous is so stupid... All they do is ddos websites and sit on wall street.

summerguy97 16

Hahaha. Pose as one of them and speak to him.

flux_panic 18

Perhaps freak him out a bit by telling him everything about him..

When online role playing, always be the one with the strap on and see how he responds

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Awkward.. Did you confront him about it? O:

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Your married you shouldn't be hiding anything.

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At least he wasnt talking to straight women and trying to get with one.. It is a little wierd he was posing as a woman. But I have to say at least he was smart enough to think of that.

2ndSucks 15

81- She did find something though. Something that poses as a very legitimate reason for there to be a lack of trust. OP in no way deserves this for "snooping."

122- SHE isn't hiding anything, HE is, so it's good that she didn't trust him or she wouldn't have found out

You're gonna become a cheating husband one day!

Funny thing is, I bet 90% of those "hot teen lesbians" were also grown men. Still, what a pedobear...

bossroyd 4

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Well, on the internet, the men are men, a good portion of the women are men, as are a similar portion in the subset of women: hot teen lesbians. And the kids who can spell are members of the FBI.

bizarre_ftw 21

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I'm sure op's husband wishes he was an "FBI" agent.

Can someone explain why #65 is wrong/down voted? 18 and 19 are still considered "teen"

I assume he was voted down for pointing out the fact that "Teen" generally means that a person is above the age of puberty which would make the OPs husband a ephebophile, not a pedophile thus not a pedobear. It was what many in this community probably consider a waste of time response. I personally feel any response that isn't just smack talk that goes with the FML or thread, is valid enough.

Indeed, and thank you for teaching me that word. I always knew there was a difference, as paedophiles are attracted to those with bodies of prepubescent children, whereas if someone is attracted to a 14 year old with the body of an 18 year old, it's not paedophilia, etc.

"And the kids who can spell are members of the FBI" lmao funniest thing I've seen on here hats off to you sir

Teen is 13-19, because they curiously enough end in TEEN.

BbyKenzie 0

She just said she looked, stupid.

The point still stands though because the average girl goes through puberty around the age of thirteen.

too bad the other hot teen lesbian was also a man

154- no. people like you just ruin the whole point of the comment...

dreamer9614 3

Pointless, no mistake was in either comment.

crchara 3

lol that's terrible! sad thing is that apparently he makes a convincing woman

Yeah it goes "I'm now rubbing my dic- I mean ****"

If he's resorting to the Internet instead of his wife to get his pleasure, then it's even more horrifying to think he makes a better woman than the OP herself..

no what it means is most of the hot teen lesbians weren't hot teen lesbians but some other form of creep

Not really hard to pose as whatever you want on the internet, might as well give it a try too!

bizarre_ftw 21

I'm actually Batman with a picture of Harley Quinn man I wish I was rich like that Bruce Wayne guy

13, I'm picturing the caterpillar from "Alice in Wonderland" saying that.(:

bizarre_ftw 21

I do not see, explain yourself

caterpillar snape says that line in Tim Burtons (and other renditions) Alice in wonderland

Thank you, z. I was just about to explain that.(: btw Don't know about you, but I've gotten "The Walking Dead" withdrawals. :P I remembered you watched that show also.

I also miss it but it starts back up February 12

bizarre_ftw 21

The "explain yourself" was a second quote

ALAN RICKMAN. Severus Snape did not suddenly cross over from Harry Potter to play the Caterpillar in Alice In Wonderland.

I know snape isn't the actors name but that's what most people think he also plays the guy in Sweeney Todd

Don't worry, lesbians won't be interested in "him" in real life. (:

unless he gets a real ditz and manages to convince her its the world most realistic strap-on

perdix 29

Enslaved, most of the "hot, teen lesbians" are actually fat, middle-aged guys. Think about it: would a real hot, teen lesbian need to have filthy online chats? They'd be having hot, real-life sex all the time!

Don't try destroying my dreams. I know they exist. :P

a dominos near where I live has the last 4 numbers spell out **** (FUN FACT)

the comment that made my above comment halfway relevant has been moded darn

perdix 29

#75, sure they do. If you start going at it with a Sappho17xoxo, a blonde with DD's with pink nipples whose pussy juice tastes like marshmallows and peanut butter, just move on to something else. I'm just sayin'...

Yes winning "Enslaved", they must be out there somewhere.

perdix 29

#119, I'll take the 5th. By the way, is TheIsland = Lesbos19xx69?

flockz 19

i'm " BumRammerXOXO " hit me up.

wait! bumrammer no way its me P00nK!nG730

perdix 29

#133, You go to hot, teen lesbian sites calling yourself HugePenis? That doesn't sound too smart. It would be like going to vegan sites and using a moniker like BloodySirLoin -- ******* hilarious in most contexts, but hateful to that particular crowd. Sappho17xoxo is very popular, or so I've been told.

flockz 19

Hello, my name's Chris Hansen. Please take a seat.

perdix 29