By Anonymous - 06/01/2015 16:40 - Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh City

Today, at a candlelit dinner, I accidentally set my dad's leg on fire. FML
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What were you doing at a candlelit dinner with your dad...

I guess that makes him a liar liar.


is he at least okay?

He is on fireeeeeeeeeeeee ???

So that's where the romance ended?

Romance with their dad?

You never know.

#9: *Cleveland's voice* ew that's nasty

I guess that makes him a liar liar.

Leg on fire?

If he was wearing pants and his leg only caught on fire then that's pretty impressive. Unless his dad wore shorts to a candlelight dinner.

Oh gosh.... is he okay?

thefirstwhiteboy 17

Tada that's where that night ended

What were you doing at a candlelit dinner with your dad...

AnOriginalName 19

Eating food, I presume.

She/he could have been eating with the entire family.

It's Ho Chi Minh, so probably no electricity. ...except Op is on the internet, somehow.

Actually, It's really popular to use go to a computer cafe there. I have cousin who lives there and she goes to those to play games. So actually Op might not be lying

It could have been one of those adorable father/daughter things.

He or she could have been out with the whole family, with the SO and parents, or even just dinner where there happened to be candles at the restaurant. This is not weird at all imo...especially when I was a kid/teen, my parents, brother and I went out to dinner all the time.

A romantic dinner with dad? That's always interesting ... hope he's alright

Who said it was romantic?

The simplicity of this FML is just so elegant.

Dreamsorrow93 24

Ok I will ask. Why the hell did you have a romantic candlelit dinner with your dad?

Who said it was romantic and who said OP was alone with his/her father?

brasiliano 16

#15 I said it

amyfann 26

#11 I have a feeling it was something religious when they light candles for some purpose .. I don't know...?

Maybe power went out after food was cooked, or trying to save on energy bill ?

Candlelight dinner with your father?! Well I hope he's okay, anyway.