By Nowajerk - 25/12/2011 01:15 - Australia

Today, I just finished nearly a year of muscle-building in order to impress my crush. Turns out she doesn't date fit guys, because "they're all jerks". FML
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She's following a stereotype. But hey, at least now you're fit for all the ladies!

heylesha 8

now eat a lot and become "fluffy"


heylesha 8

now eat a lot and become "fluffy"

Or give hee my number. I'm fluffy alright.-)

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18- no, its means fluffy, like a cloud.

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18- you've obviously never heard of Gabriel Iglesias, the comedian.

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27- NO! hes TOO fluffy, fluffy, but funny (:

Ayyyeeee! He's fluffyyyyy!!! XD!!! Hahah!

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I don't like overly muscular guys because they aren't much fun too cuddle with

*to not too. Sorry candy cane hangover.

Hahahah! XD! yup! Very excited ;] by the way, your picture is so funny! XD! Props Hahah! ayyyeeeee he's fluffyyyyyy! ;p

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She must've just watched 'The Nutty Professor'..

157 - Hahah! XD! nahhh... I don't do drugs ;3 I'm just a happy person ;]]] ayyyeeeee he's fluffyyyyy!!! XD! I just love that song hahah.

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no #27 he's dam remember "mommy I want to ride that one" "grrrrrrr" "dam"

She's following a stereotype. But hey, at least now you're fit for all the ladies!

Good health > ladies I think getting fit was its own reward

I reread my comment and it reminded me of std's XD

Dude, buy her some flowers and take her on a nice dinner and movie date.. You are searching for the wrong type of girl if you think it takes muscles. Girls who date guys for their muscles tend to be very materialistic and shallow anyway

No - prove her right when you take your revenge!

Umm forget her, she's obviosly not very intelligent, find some one else, believe me girls like fit guys

Based solely on ur picture... I dont believe u...

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that's not necessarily true, I'm a girl and I am not particularly attracted to 'fit" guys, I like the skinny geeky type... everyone is different, you can't just say "all girls like fit guys" some do, some don't it has nothing to do with intelligence either...

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How about a fit geeky guy? He's then?

Impress people with your personality not muscle :)

Hey impress them with both if you've got them :)

Sucks for you, that's too much trouble to go through just to impress someone in my opinion. You should want them to like you for you.

OMG you put a "4" instead of a "for" OMG fix your comment now, or else i will... shit man idk its just teh internetz

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30- thought you were sopossed to be a grammer nazi.?

Or talk to her and see what kinda guy she likes then spend countless hours aiming to be that guy. Pretty much what op would have done had he known being built is a no-no with this girl

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And that should teach you a lesson to always be yourself OP

You shouldn't have to change yourself to make someone like you. If she's that shallow to begin with, you're better off, buddy.

Well, since when is working out ever a bad decision? Keep it up and now you have more options, preferably one without stereotypes

Idk. I seem to work harder to improve my body etc. when i like someone. I don't think there's anything wrong with wanting to be the best version of you, that you can be, even if it's to impress someone.

I agree with #6 completely. Do it for yourself to be healthy and the best version of yourself you can be. If she's gonna judge you simply for being active and in shape, you don't need that level of shallow I'm your life to begin with. I workout and read a lot. I box and love classical music. Prefer chess games over bar drinking, lol! Point is, stereo typing people is ignorant, petty and speaks volumes of their own deficiencies. I'm just sorry your crush turned out to be a fool.

Kind of a no brainer I guess, still worth repeating, IMHO.

I used to build muscle, then I took an arrow in the knee.

Say that in public and you'll get a fist to the nose in a club

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wiggle wiggle wiggle yea. I'm sexy and I know it!!

Oh God the 284627 times I hear this on the radio is enough

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It was good the first 134 times I heard it, now it's just old and overused, thanks to people like you.

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well i guess you're going to have to stop masturbating. that cannon of a right arm is definitely going to be a turn off for her.

Quagmire came to mind You know, after he discovered ****

Wow, that's quite assumptuous... It could be his left.

Seems like he's also going to have to continue masturbating for a while. What a quagmire.

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Fortunately, I'm ambidextrous.

How the hell did my comment get thumbed down? Does someone not realize quagmire is an actual word?

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You know you would think, that during that year he might of found out she doesn't like buff guys.