By Anonymous - 11/10/2012 19:03 - United Kingdom

Today, I had to be treated for chemical burns, because my mother got the bright idea of using paint thinner to clean me up after I'd painted our living room. FML
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And the reason you lived past infancy is....?

You didn't realize she was about to use paint thinner on your skin?


And the reason you lived past infancy is....?

I though hazardous chemicals have warning labels on them. Why are people so stupid these days?

maybe adopted. no way that lady raised OP and he lived that long p

They were out of Drain-O, bleach, paint thinner, and pesticide for about 15 years. Had to wait till PayDay

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Op didn't do it to themselves and as a side note, you can use paint thinner to clean paint off. You're supposed to put a very small amount on paper towel and then scrub with soap and water after the paint is gone. I've done it without any chemical burning..

53, no one said OP did it to themselves.

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And the reason the warning sines are there is because of people like this and then trying to sue over it I hate stupid people.

Okay so you didn't get chemical burns from paint thiner, maybe lacquer thinner. Lacquer thinner will eat your skin quick paint thinner mineral spirits an will not harm your skin. So I think lacquer thinner is what you mean to say.

Exactly, but here's my thought: how do you let someone slather paint thinner on you??

OP might have just been assuming that their mother new what she was doing. You know what assuming does...

I've cleaned paint off my hands with generous amounts of paint thinner before... Maybe like guy above me said, it was something else. ^

90- either he doesn't know wtf she used on him/her or this fml is fake as shit... Ill let you decide.

Oh I know what happened. He heard about that new chlorine test app...

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Hopefully you inherited your fathers intelligence

forget that. just wait until the mutation kicks in. then you'll become part of the X-Men!!

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That's because you let your mom clean you up

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I feel like this FML is getting less "You Deserved It's" than it should. Unless OP didn't know his mom was using paint thinner, which seems improbable, then it was also partially his fault for allowing her to do it. And partially his "bright" idea.

You didn't realize she was about to use paint thinner on your skin?

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I don't get it. I've gotten oil based paint on me and used paint to clean myself off and I've never got chemical burn...

34 - You cleaned paint off of yourself by putting paint on it?

Yup. He just paints over it with the color that matches his skin. GENIUS!

She probably just sniffed a little bit too much paint thinner.

Yikes! Didn't she see the little symbol with the drop eroding the stickman's arm? Might want to tell her that little symbol means "avoid skin contact".

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Since hen does paint thinner cause chemical burns?

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That's what I was thinkin.. I've used paint thinner on my skin before ad my skin is fine

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Since forever, you crying-ass idiots. It won't burn your skin off the bone, but it'll burn alright.

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I've used several times after oil painting to remove paint from my skin. It's never burned me.