By cnkk07 - 14/10/2011 10:36 - United States

Today, my dad used the stove to boil water. Unfortunately, he turned the wrong burner on, setting the smoke alarm off. What's worse was the smell of burning plastic that came from the coffeemaker being melted down. It's been over an hour, and my eyes still burn like hell when I walk into the kitchen. FML
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Why is the coffeepot on the stove?

The best part of waking breathing in the carcinogenic fumes produced by burning plastic and Folgers in your cup.


throw the damn thing away. I know I would.

FHL OP's dad can't even boil water right.

How about not going into the kitchen for a while, that would help

Still need to air out the kitchen. The smoke will linger around. If only you had a gas mask

What does op mean

18- I thought every modern household had a gas mask? Must just be me...

Why did u walk in the kitchen if there was burning plastic fumes... YDI

why has OP been in the kitchen and not done anything to get rid of the smoke, after an hour?

Did he also make boiled eggs and get drunk on the couch?

sadly the kitchen is the only way in and out of the house... sad my life. hahaha not.

He tried to. Although he just made a huge mess.

Why is the coffeepot on the stove?

She probably Mexican

Maybe a kettle?

I was thinking the same thing. Lol

Was the water ever boiled?

If it was a kettle it wouldn't melt...

Some old electric stoves have an outlet built into the front. Depending how his kitchen is laid out, the easiest way to plug in the coffeemaker might be to sit it on the stove. Not that I've ever had such a stove, or been dumb enough to cook any appliances with it...

my dad left it there.. and it was an actually coffee maker, not a kettle.

For some reason I am having a hard time visualizing this...

sorry... fml only gave me 300 characters to work with. the coffee maker was on the back burner and the pot of water was on the front burner. My dad was going to make spaghetti for dinner. he ended up turning on the back burner and going outside where my mom and I were. 5 or so minutes later the smoke alarm went off.

Sounds like a "hot mess".

Bum bumm pshh.. :)

Thumbs up if you hate the smell of burning plastic!

Thumb up if you hate the snell of burning plastic

Smell....Oops ha

comment got moderated sry wrong one

What happened to the kettle? We boil water with a stove now....

Thats terrible! Let's hope that you can avoid the kitchen until it clears up .

Hey there, Just sending out random msg to people to see if anyone wants to talk :) Cheers

The best part of waking breathing in the carcinogenic fumes produced by burning plastic and Folgers in your cup.

Nicely done. I just sung that

freaking awesome!

I sang it too! xD