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Today, while having sex with my boyfriend, my dad called my cell. He ended the phone call with, "and tell your boyfriend to shut up, I can hear him moaning." FML
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shiftfaced 0

why would you even answer the phone?

who continues having sex while talking to their parents? y totally di you dirt ball.


shiftfaced 0

why would you even answer the phone?

Next time ask him if he wants to join. It's mean to exclued people. XD

irishb19 0

"ohh ya it feels good..and tell ur dad I said hi"

Exclude* Stupid iPod buttons and fail autocorrect.

say that he was eating cake and moaning bcuz it tastes so good. and since he got 2 cakes u get to bite the Twinkie so icing comes out

lol your bf gets excited when your dads listening xD lol jk but still cool dad I can already see mine flipping out xD

24-Congrats, you are the 23rd person to say that.

MichieBabiie 0

Agree with 1 but at least your Dad isn't bitching about it.

exactly Who's ******* retarded enough to answer their phone while having sex (other than OP) Hi dad, oh nothing I'm just HARDER BABY HARDER! hanging around with Jim

FyourLIFEdotCOM8 0

no kidding 1 lol. op ydi should have just let it go to voicemail. fafp.

tell ur dad to quit his bitchen since he & mom dont do it quite like you two do in bed. he knows he likes what he hears (; haha

tehamericanboy94 0

38 I highly doubt you would "like what you hear" to your daughter getting ****** by a guy.

^^^ what rock have you been living under? That sort of thing is all the rage these days

you never know; some people are utter creepers & if they get no action any sexnoise is arousing.

yeah u answer a phone call frm ur parents while have sex? that's classy. ur parents did a bang-up job instilling some etiquette and values into u...

Wierd guy, why he must moan? I am always silent, just concentrate on watch her face, feel her emotional reaction. ;)

RJrules26 0

Actually dude alota guys moan during sex if it's really good and she's tight ;)

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haha ur dad is HILARIOUS!! i kno I would have been embarassed and I'm surprised that the dad didn't come b*tchin at her bf asking y is he doing his daughter..

53- It's not very satisfying to be with a guy who can't let loose and enjoy the moment. If you're worried about sounding "girlish," you're not enjoying the experience as much as you should be.

61, you're girlish. my man...well, quite the man ;) and i get him moanin harder than ME! if you don't think men can moan during sex, clearly you haven't been deflowered yet.

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I think it is cute when a guy moans..

first : why the hell would u answer second : lol that's gotta be embaressing

@ 106 It really turns me on when my boyfriend moans. If he doesnt moan I think I'm not pleasing him.

"Today, while having sex with my boyfriend, my dad called my cell." Question: Why did your dad call your cell while he was having sex with your boyfriend; and why did he tell you to tell him to stop moaning when he was having sex with your boyfriend? keep going almost there. Ok, done.

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hahaha i was at my bf's house and his dad handed me a condom and said "don't let this little f***** get you pregnant" hahahahaha we used the condom:)

Hiimhaileypotter 52

That was really annoying. EDIT: Supposed to be a reply to 118

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lmaoo wow next time tell em to not moan to loud;

*Facepalm* Really, guys..? This is what we have to work with? "Don't moan out loud next time." I can't understand how you can moan silently..or in your head. But if you're wanting to give me an answer, please, go ahead.

celticlamb 0

Why did you answer the phone in the first place? And if it was adamant that you needed to speak to your father, you should have at least paused with your boyfriend...I'm just sayin. (Or gagged him...again, just sayin.)

who continues having sex while talking to their parents? y totally di you dirt ball.

They may have been in the same house...sometimes walls are thin.....jus sayin

At least he didn't walk in and flip out about you having sex.

boondoggle20 0

haha so he is louder thanyou?

well everyones going to say the same thing... don't answer phones during sex YDI