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  ohSNAPyall  |  26

53- It's not very satisfying to be with a guy who can't let loose and enjoy the moment. If you're worried about sounding "girlish," you're not enjoying the experience as much as you should be.

  tia73  |  0

61, you're girlish. my man...well, quite the man ;) and i get him moanin harder than ME! if you don't think men can moan during sex, clearly you haven't been deflowered yet.

  humorizer  |  14

"Today, while having sex with my boyfriend, my dad called my cell."

Question: Why did your dad call your cell while he was having sex with your boyfriend; and why did he tell you to tell him to stop moaning when he was having sex with your boyfriend?

keep going

almost there.

Ok, done.

  Xx_Slayer_xX  |  22

*Facepalm* Really, guys..? This is what we have to work with? "Don't moan out loud next time." I can't understand how you can moan silently..or in your head. But if you're wanting to give me an answer, please, go ahead.

By  celticlamb  |  0

Why did you answer the phone in the first place? And if it was adamant that you needed to speak to your father, you should have at least paused with your boyfriend...I'm just sayin. (Or gagged him...again, just sayin.)