By imobesejk - 17/07/2011 00:19 - United States

Today, my mother told me I'm going to get lung cancer. Because she smokes. FML
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she's going to beat you in that race. not a real race of course, she would be out of breath


Idonebeenhad 17

depends if she's with her when she smokes... or if she's wearing the clothes she smoked in.

anjelicjazzy 6

Tell her she's going crazy because of the cocaine dust everywhere.

juicedboi 7

Tell her she's going to have a baby because you're pregnant. That'll learn her!!

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Captain obvious strikes again!

25 Your picture reminds me of Fallout 3 for some reason. I really need to get out more...

think 24s pic is from Jericho. Shame it got canned

this would've been perfect if u were the second comment too.

she doesn't sound like a caring mother

Idonebeenhad 17

59 - lol it's from jericho

zco101 1

I think it's just a message for her to move out.

changetheworld 0

I've been breathing second hand smoke for sixteen years not by choice and I am prone to cancer. With that being said, I also think I'm ******.

damn... get ur mum into rehab. its the only way, as harsh as it is

FiestaInMyPants 8

I don't think this really requires rehab :P

I've never heard of a rehab accepting people addicted to smoking cigarettes. Smoking crack? Yes. Smoking cigarettes? No. The other addicts would probably kick their ass. I know cigarettes are very hard to quit, but you aren't going to die from quitting, like with alcohol and benzos. Or go through the horrible withdrawal of an opiate addict. Not to mention at many rehabs, the patients are basically all smoking like crazy as they are getting off the other drugs. So basically, sending a person to rehab for tobacco is not a good idea and probably not even possible in many places.


op didn't say cigarettes it could be meth you don't know.

BelleBelle_fml 11

I think it's safe to assume the OP was referring to cigarettes, due to the reference to lung cancer. It's been proven that smoking ciggs is the leading cause of lung cancer and that smoking other things such as; marijuana, cocaine, or methamphetamines; does not cause nearly as much lung damage. But I could be wrong, because OP didn't clearly state what it is that their mom smokes. Good day.

Lisa_Simpson_fml 5

Actually, it is the chemicals in cigarettes, moreso than the smoke, that cause cancer. Smoke from marijuana cigarettes causes about as much damage as sitting by a campfire, which can cause damage if done too frequently. Don't fall prey to Big Tobacco propaganda, people!

sirhobothesecond 3

this doesn't require rehab. it requires a bitch slap across the face.

you may have -20 thumbs but I thumbed you up because I completely agree with you

Beebow_fml 5

You might inherit stupidity, be careful.

Hurry what's the number to nine-one-one!!

dudeitsdanny 9

At least OP knows it's not true. But I have to wonder.. If she says you're going to die of lung cancer because of her smoking, why doesn't she quit smoking to save your life? Your mom's an idiot AND she hates you, OP.

Beebow_fml 5

22- Because then the OP would go through nicotine withdrawal and the mother would feel guilty.

RainbowHeadache 2

Second hand smoke can give you cancer. So she's not wrong.

22 you're a bit stupid. you can die from second hand smoke.

RainbowHeadache 2

I read somewhere that is just as bad if not worse than smoking a cigarette yourself. Not sure if that holds any salt or not I just know shs is incredibly bad for you.

dudeitsdanny 9

The fact that it's an FML at all could mean the mother is a complete moron. It's open to interpretation, unless OP clarifies. The way it was phrased implies the mom is an idiot.

RainbowHeadache 2

I read it as, OPs mom smokes so much she'll give her kid cancer just from SHS & doesn't give a crap. Either way, she's an idiot.

FiestaInMyPants 8

With background knowledge about secondhand smoke, this FML seems to be more about how inconsiderate the mother is. She obviously doesn't care enough about OP's lungs, let alone her own, to quit smoking or prevent death by cancer for either of them. So, yes, OP's mom could be a moron, but likely not in the way that you're implying.

OakChair 14

It's worse; the person smoking the cig has a filter. All the rest of us get no protection.

I work in a betting shop and before the smoking ban came in here everyone smoked in the shop. 10+ people smoking in a confined space, not nice. At least one, non-smoking, member of staff got lung cancer and two have emphysema.. That's just the ones I know of. We had air filters but they never really worked, pubs were less smoky..

WallyTheWombat 0

Well the person smoking is inhaling through the filter then exhaling the same smoke only it will be somewhat diluted by the moisture and air in the lungs plus the air in the space it takes to travel from the smoker to the second hand smoker. So I'd assume second hand isn't as bad, but that's just a guess.

no I mean unfortunately for the op... I wouldn't consider it fortunate to get lung cancer

she's going to beat you in that race. not a real race of course, she would be out of breath

flockz 19

tell her shes gonna get the stds from all the guys you ****.

ramboman19 8

9- we have the same birthday lol. Mine says it's the 18th, but it's really a day later.

fthku 13

It is. Seriously, do people forget how the world works when they make comments? Second hand smoking.

CommonSenseKarma 17

It's called projection, meaning that she may be in an internal conflict about smoking, and she wants to continue because of her nicotine addiction, so, to ease her anxiousness, she projects her probable future health problems on OP. (Just an educated guess.) AP Psychology. Also, secondhand smoke will create lung cancer, but I don't expect OP to hang around his mom every single time she smokes.

CommonSenseKarma 17