By Anonymous - 15/12/2011 21:49 - Australia

Today, my cat vomited violently. I can smell it but I can't find it. FML
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HoboSmeller 6

pretend to be a cat and see where you would vomit violently.

txgirl2013 14

Well you will be going on a stinky scavenger hunt.


So how do you know he vomited ? Could have been something else haha , but FYL

You can't really mistake cat sick; it has quite a... unique odour, rather rancid.

Damn_Hippster 11

Damn bulimic cats! When will they learn?!

Even if you can't see the cat puke, you can usually hear them. Loud pukers they are.

Bile has a very unpleasant and familiar smell lol

MagicGiraffe 12

Looks like you have to walk around your house, and when you step in it BINGO! found your vomit!

It's probably in the toilet. Last place you would ever look.

pie29302930 0

Seriously, every comment I've ever read that you've posted, deserves a thumbs down. Smh. GET MORE FUNNY DAMMIT.

SilverInGray 25

Smell is my super-sense! Most people think I'm crazy when I suggest that. It's like hot/cold, really.

ShazzRandom 7

Well you go help op on this investigation...

sugarandspice33 0

Follow your nose, for the fruity taste that shows! Oh wait that's fruit loops....

Cold.. Getting warmer. Warmer.. YES! Jackpot!!

You'll find it soon enough. Most likely at the most inconvenient time possible.

Don't worry. You will find it soon. You are going to want to wash your feet afterwards though.

Then it just smell like febreeze and puke... I got a friend with 5 cats this happens a lot they just febreeze it like it'll go away and it won't.

61- I know I'll be thumbed down like no other for this comment, but I could not stop laughing at your comment. Just thought I'd show my appreciation (I know I could have just thumbed it up but that didn't seem enough) [I also know that nobody cares if I found it funny]. Ok trolls I'm at your mercy, fire away.

What in the world about saying they deserve it for owning a cat, then stating that dogs rule, could possibly be against the rules?!

HoboSmeller 6

pretend to be a cat and see where you would vomit violently.

monkeysareyummy 0

I noticed your FML name kinda fit this FML haha. Just yours is hobo.

Sucks to be you! See thats why you shouldnt have pets! Learn a lesson!

rainydayz133 6

WTF? Pets are fun to have, and it's not OP's fault that his or her poor cat was sick.

Get even...take a dump in its litter box

yumlicious 4

IDK, the plan could be runny.

Possibly a combination of the two. The plan may appear solid at first and then slowly fall apart until it explodes out of shape and you must try plan b.

llZombiell 5

How is that getting even? They'd still have to find and clean the vomit as well as their own shit out of the litter box. Your logic is stupid. OP that sucks. If your cat is vomiting violently then there is something wrong with it and you should get them checked out.

83- it's called a joke... Sometimes you just have to recognize sarcasm and not take things literally!