By Anonymous - United States - Malden
Today, my idiot neighbor decided the best way to dispose of the poison ivy in his yard was to pile it all up and burn it. I'm severely allergic. It was so bad that one of my eyes is still swollen half shut. FML
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  JWPM77  |  9

Are you kidding? A severe allergy in this case could ultimately lead to their throat closing as a result of breathing in excessive fumes containing the oil causing dead by suffocation.


Are you insane? If OP's current symptoms continue their eye could swell completely shut, they could lose depth perception and walk into something dirty and get dead from a slow and painful flesh eating virus.


all animals are IMMUNE to poison ivy/oak/sumac. The reaction is caused by a chemical named orushiol (it's also used in the Japanese art form Kintsugi I learned that the hard way by having a reaction to it) tho if an animal gets it on their fur/scales/skin they can transfer it to humans via touch

By  unholyswiss  |  19

One of my arsehole roommates cooks/burns things that I'm allergic to and stinks up most of the house several times a month and doesn't give any fucks. I've had to leave in the middle of the night after my throat's swollen so terribly I can barely breathe through it. So I can empathize with that pain OP, good luck plotting your revenge.