By Anonymous - / Friday 22 October 2010 02:25 / United States
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  Penguinman909  |  7

I agree with it possibly being from an iPod touch. I myself am currently on my iPod and it does come up with iPhone instead of iPod when you do post stuff on Facebook. So stop being so bloody paranoid and trust her, alright?

  vilas  |  0

wait, but if she had an iPhone (im assuming she does because op thinks the status was sent from her iPhone), why would she also have an iPod touch?! I think this is for real, unless she is a spoiled brat, or was using her friend's iPhone.

  Blazingcrono  |  6

it's not a documentary because it's actually a film. All those people are actors and not really themselves. It was a really good movie though so watch it :)

And if you honestly didn't know she could've done that with any iPhone...well then you're technology inclined.

  Mirorbo  |  26

Not really...an iPod Touch plays music and you can download apps.

An iPhone plays music and you can download apps...and it's a phone. You can text people. Or call them if you really want to go old school like that.

Sometimes people get the iPod Touch long before they get an iPhone and keep both around for various reasons.

  chogle  |  8

Mirorbo, I'm not sure if I understand your stance on this one.. are you agreeing or disagreeing with #5? Because what you posted kinda does both.

  Mirorbo  |  26

That was meant for 10, sorry, darling... I'm tired of people thinking that people are only allowed to own 1 electronic item and not both...I should have been more specific on who I was talking to.

  zoraman5  |  3

by the looks of it, mirorbo was disagreeing with 10, and I agree with mirorbo, about 5 of my friends all have both iPhone and iPod touch, heck, 2 of them have black berries too. Not only that, it does say from iPhone when you post from iPod touch.

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