By Anonymous - 11/09/2009 18:27 - United States

Today, My girlfriend and I were watching tv when suddenly one of our phones start going off. We both have the same phone and they were next to each other. She picks up the phone and reads the text message, "I wish you were here! I'd fuck you silly" She gets pissed and runs out. It was her phone. FML
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Hope your dumb girlfriend realized she made herself look retarded doing that.

What a cheating bitch! But hey, be glad you're rid of her.


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i hope she was a good F.. and otherwise you always have this:

"thubs"? whatever. Anyways, the real worry should be that she *knew* it was her phone and pretended to be mad at you so she could go get laid by whoever sent it...

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thats was so cheap i clicked that link so you could unlock more pictures

You might want to try being less desperate for attention and work on your second grade spelling skills. Good luck :)

Hope your dumb girlfriend realized she made herself look retarded doing that.

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wow bitch move...she's cheating on u but gets pissed that some other girl wants u wen really its that some guy is trying to do her n she just made herself look like an ass... cheating hoes get on my nerves...they make those who dont cheat look bad n guys who cheat look better (.00001 % better)

OUCH! What a ***** You deserve better than her :S

What a cheating bitch! But hey, be glad you're rid of her.

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who said anything about getting rid of her (today MY GIRLFRIEND...)

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she isnt necessarily cheating....she can just be stupid. I know guys who would do things like that to other guys just to mess with them....besides, because some guy wants to nail her doesnt mean she is letting him...he may just be straight forward.....or drunk.....or maybe she is a cheating *****. Either way I dont think you can say for sure.

She's still a bitch for thinking it was his phone and getting all upset.

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She's likely just pissed op's silly questions are slowing her run to go put her good panties on and get outta there.

She got pissed at you for thinking you were cheating, but she was the one who really was? You should pay a hipster a case of PBR to kick her in the twat.

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Listen bella, have you ever hit your cooder on a bike bar? That shit HURTS way worse then being punched in the boob ANY DAY!

Isn't it "cooter"? Some women are more sensitive to boob punch than **** punt. Then again it all depends on where you are hit, and if you still have your hymen... lol

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Hipsters drink PBR? I thought that was just us rednecks. Lol

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oo that sucks. Well maybe you should be happy that she left because (and this is totally agreeing with #3) she's a cheater. But then again...why would she get mad if you got that text and she's cheating on you too. Maybe she planned the whole thing!

-_-' She doesn't deserve you if she's cheating on you.

He doesn't deserve her if he wants to sit on his fat, pasty ass and watch TV, while some other dude across town wants to pleasure that fine lady.

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Dumbass, the slutty bitch doesn't desereve him!

Fool! Lazy bastard doesn't deserve her!

61- You're a ******* loser so shut up, and learn how to spell. Loser.

Well, YOUR life sucks. You're sure she ran out because she was pissed? Busteeddd.