By Terminator101101 - 30/05/2013 23:06 - United States - Las Vegas

Today, my girlfriend thought it would be funny to go to the Apple store and log me on to Facebook on every single computer. FML
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Let me guess: your interest now say that you are gay and a belieber?

Why does she have your password?


Let me guess: your interest now say that you are gay and a belieber?

Another reason never to let your partner have your FB password.

lexi365 20

Also a One Directioner and Tean Jacob I'm assuming.

Well, better start logging off before someone realizes and posts some self gay comments. Happened to a friend of mine before :P

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Totally agree with you on that one.

RadeonDerp 24

I agree too. All the people who thumbed our comments down are probably iSheep anyway.

Have to agree...besides the iPhone (which itself is even declining), apple's products are unnecessarily expensive and does practically less than what regular comps do. I don't even own an iPad, those things are just not necessary

Can that kindle text people? I think not.

Mine can. Of course I rooted it and am running Cyanogen mod.

Well, I use Apple products, but I have good reason to. In terms of computers, I have used both Macs and PCs, but I prefer Macs. I like the GUI and the user friendliness of Macs, and, in my experience, Macs tend to have less problems than PCs. I have also found that while some things may be a little more difficult to do on a Mac, with a little work, Macs can do just as much as a PC. I ultimately choose to use Apple products because they are much more reliable than other products (in my own experience, of course).

I agree that they're reliable, yes, up until the newest version comes out and all the applications now have a special "does not work on this version" sticker.


Every anti-apple comment got thumbed down. The only pro-apple comment got thumbed up. Looks like we got ourselves a whole website full of iSheep. (Posted, ironically, from my windows phone)

The iSheep are mad with your comment lol.

Actually whenever there's a new product they update every version too. I haven't had a "does not work" sticker on any app Since my 3g. They fixed that years ago

skyttlz 32

I've kept my iPod touch 2nd gen in good/working shape. But since it's about 4 years old now, I have a really hard time finding apps that work. I haven't had any app updates in several months because it'll be incompatible.

#123 Same here! I'm going on an international trip this summer and was going to take my iPod just for music and some simple things like a currency converter but i can't even download a currency converter!

I'm with you 100%

Pwn17 25

How long would that take?!

Well, it is funny, just not for you...

TweetAnne 13

Girlfriend - 1 OP - 0 At least she has a sense of humor.

MoronsAccount1 12

Let's see how funny it is when she's single. And no, that's not too harsh. That's his privacy and it was invaded by who knows how many people.

Michael_92 20

Not really. Everything on Facebook is public, hell everything you do online is public and can be seen and tracked. If you have something to hide you really shouldn't be online. It wasn't nice of her, but privacy...yea that's a thing of the past.

MoronsAccount1 12

So, your messages are public? What about the messages you share with loved ones or family? What about the private photos you only share with certain people, but have now been accessed by everyone in the Apple store? That's an invasion of privacy. Why do you think a password exists?

Too true, unfortunately.

Michael_92 20

I'm not saying it isn't right. In my opinion it should be private. However once you agree to the TOS on Facebook you agree to many many worse things than a few people in a Apple store reading your information. Facebook data mines everything and sells it. I'm more concerned about that then some random people reading my messages. That's just me, your mileage may vary.

CharresBarkrey 15

21 - I think you're a little paranoid.

Michael_92 20

Not really. It is how it is, for example whenever you upload a picture to Facebook it becomes theirs. Any data you happen to put on there they can sell it. Google does the same thing. CISPA anyone. Verizon requires no warrant to give up your data. Right now there is work being done on some deep level packet sniffers so the ISPs can monitor what you look at and do. As I said, I personally do not care but some might. Online privacy is a thing of the past, install do not track me on Firefox sometime.

Yep, paranoid, and spreading a pack of lies to boot. Everything you upload to Facebook remains yours, and will not be used by FB unless they either remove any personally identifying information from it, given advance notice, and/or acquired your permission. And I'm willing to bet it's the same, or similar, with other companies. There are people who actually read the terms of service you know,

Why does she have your password?

MoronsAccount1 12

Why not? If you're not willing to let your significant other know your password, then something about you isn't trustworthy. This is of course, if you're dating a girl that wouldn't give it out to anyone.

It's his girlfriend... So why can't she? My boyfriend knows most of my passwords and I know his. I don't see anything wrong here. She's just trolling (:

knowing your significant others password isn't wrong buy it should never be a requirement. If you have a disagreement over it with your partner though, you probably have a trust issue either way. I personally need my privacy.

chlorinegreen 27

My boyfriend and I have been dating for about 3 years and we still don't share passwords or anything like that. But then again I've never felt the need to ask for his password or to have to look the his phone or anything. I don't think it's a privacy issue it's more of a trust issue. But if I asked for it to look as something he probably wouldn't care.

Not hiding anything but my passwords stay mine. And this just reinforces why. Troll or not it just has to many bad implications so why risk it.

If you're significant other demands to know your password she doesn't trust you and people tend not to trust other people when they themselves are the untrustworthy ones. If two people are really in love they won't require each others personal information to be shared just so they can control and monitor each other.

Some couples are actually happy and comfortable sharing things without there being a suspicion on either side.

Yeah, and apparently some couples don't mind gaping security holes, either. My wife doesn't have my passwords and I don't have hers. That way, the next time her PC gets infected with god knows what, and it will, MY email doesn't get hacked.

I have my boyfriend's Facebook password, but that's because I made his account for him.

Pwn17 25


YDI for giving her your account and password. And no, being your girlfriend doesn't mean she has to have access to it. Do you give your credit card password to all your GF's, you don't.