By aasatt22 - 08/06/2009 06:05 - United States

Today, I bought my girlfriend an iPhone. I preloaded it with a bunch of cool apps and stuff and spent a lot and money. She used it to send a text to me 3 hours later saying that she thought we should break up. FML
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Get your phone back! If she dont. Just cancel that crap!


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Well.. that wouldn't work. :P Cancel it? :) FYL op what a bitch! You deserve better. :D

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i agree, cancel the contract, if she doesnt return the phone upon request. OR, if that somehow doesnt work, just say the phone was stolen and report it to the police. these things can be tracked. then she gets fined/arrested, AND you get the phone back.

Get your phone back! If she dont. Just cancel that crap!

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what I'm thinking she's a major bitch !!!

Very ungrateful of her to accept a gift like that and immediately break up with you. Cancel her service, if possible.

I agree with #1, cancel her contract. Or if you want to really get her back, remove her text service from her plan so she gets charged $0.20 per text. She's not your girlfriend so she gets to pay it now.

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He bought the phone, it's probably in his name...

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If he has the right to cancel it or change it then his name has to be on it...... so it won't hurt her or it would hurt him equally......

I agree with everyone above me, she must be a gold digger

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Cut the contract and get it back before she jailbreaks it!

Not only are you foolish for being taken for a ride like that, but the new model's set to be announced in about six hours...

she shouldn't have taken it! i would have asked for it back