By Anonymous - 30/10/2013 23:39 - United States - South Gate

Today, my girlfriend decided to break up with me over Facebook. Unfortunately, she "accidentally" posted it on my wall instead of sending me a message, so the whole world could see it. My mom liked her post. FML
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Maybe your mom just didn't like her and was glad that you can finally get a better girlfriend!


HeyHeyFishFillet 34

Obviously mommy knows nobody can love her little schnookums like she can.

She sounds like a ****, so it's probably a good thing y'all aren't together anymore. Silver lining OP :)

bingbongbingbong 11

Watch Your language there are children on this app

AntiPrude 26

Agreed, what a bitch. It takes a lowly coward of a person to humiliate someone they supposedly had feelings for by publicly distributing private details of their relationship.

Yeaaaah, I don't think it was an accident. She's just a bitch.

Maybe your mom just didn't like her and was glad that you can finally get a better girlfriend!

timss4 19

Exactly the first thing I thought of when I read this FML :)

My first thought was that it was mean of the mum to 'like' it depending on what the message actually said. If her aim was to embarrass him as much as possible maybe insults like her 'reasons' for dumping him were made. I would think my mum was being a bitch if she liked something like that about me.

I was actually thinking the same thing myself. But that's a classless move, breaking up over Facebook, even if she did mean to send it in a private message. You're well rid of this nasty person.

ouch. A break up through fb message wouldn't be any better either. I'm sorry. Did you at least delete it from your wall?

I don't know about you, but I rather get dumped through messaging than on my wall. At least it wouldn't be shown to everybody.

bayliebug 14

): So rude to post that publicly. Sorry you got dumped OP.

bayliebug 14

What #12? I was saying that dumping someone publicly is rude.

It also shows that she didn't care enough to do it in person it's beyond rude it's just flat out cruel.

CaitiieBuggs 23

Back in the age of MySpace my ex dumped me over a comment. It does suck, and it is rude- but OP, it just shows how classless she is and doesn't reflect anything bad on you.

Well at least now you know she's a bitch if u didn't already :)