By Anonymous - 22/10/2010 01:03 - France

Today, I teach English in Taiwan. I got two new students, brothers named Harry and Potter. People, they're children, not pets. FML
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f their lives ;) I went to school with a Harriet potter and that was kinda bad


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so stfu who is letting these fmls go thru fml for these fmls

Haha I wonder what their parents are like, clever names haha

can someone tell me how this is an fml for you?? yes for them but how does that possibly effect you in anyway???

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Exactly, what does this have to do with your life?

stop whining, it's funny. FML doesn't always have to be sad and dramatic.

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Agree with 35, ugh just because I don't want want to get warned again or banned.

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if I get three kids I'll name them Han Shot First

Stupidly worded but yeah f their lives

plz don't make fun of esl ppl.. they don't mean it .. tw pride!!

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op, u teach English? I can't tell

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OP I'd assume you would be teaching these kids out of the kindness of ur heart and for u too put these kids on blast is a shame, I hope people made fun of u in H.S ! ;) good day

Erika, when you tease someone's English using poor English yourself, you look foolish.

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I don't give a ****, u kno that.

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I don't see how this is an fml but it is extremely funny

No more like **** Potter's life, Harry's an ordinary name..

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esl- english as a second language tw- taiwan?

ok esl= English as a second language. tw= Taiwan...

Their lives are not affected, those are not their real names and the OP can't possibly be so clueless as not to realize that. You can't enter any names with roman characters on a Taiwanese birth certificate, it's neither legally nor practically possible. If he had even passing knowledge of Chinese he would also know that you can't even spell "Harry" or "Potter" in Chinese characters. In other words: these young boys picked those names for English class, that's all.

OMG I feel sorry for that kid. but if he was just name that he was prob just born... so how does he tell you he prefers just Cullen?

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there's this guy at my school named Seemor Butts.

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omygod thats so cool i would name my kids that!

f their lives ;) I went to school with a Harriet potter and that was kinda bad

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u only started teaching English in Taiwan today

Uhmm... the standard format for an FML is 'Today, FML'. Doesn't mean he just started.

77, I think she was being sarcastic. Don't be so serious. :/

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I go to school with a Charlotte Webb

And this has what to do with you, my good sir? Nothing? All right, move it along, folks, nothing to see here.

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Awww, this belongs in MLIA not FML.

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I know a darling with the last name Potter. She cannot wait to get married so she can change her last name! It can only be cute for so long before it gets annoying....

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I know a guy named Harry, who's last name is Dicks. At least your girl friend can get married and change her name. My bud's stuck with his name.

Oh... oh no... What were his parents thinking!? I didn't even know that COULD be a last name!! And she's not my girlfriend!!!

sourgirl101 28

Haha, girl.... friend. Not girlfriend. I wasn't thinking you should be the one to marry her to change her name.(:

.... I knew that....I was just testing you.... >>;;;

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Yes because the only way you can change your name is by getting married!

He can also take her name... In that situation, nobody would hold it against him, except for his psychotic parents probably.

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It's alright, you didn't get a brain either.

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wtf ? i mean yea i get it. bout the hwrry potte or whatever but what does that have to do with bein a FML ? how'd it **** his life ??

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What's with people today and the way they name their kids?

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I named my daughter Conjunction Plasmagun… Nothing wrong with getting a little creative, right?

I know! Everyone knows Harry is an English name.