By disappointed / Tuesday 25 March 2014 11:36 / United States - West Fargo
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  Aubri244  |  11

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  Pleonasm  |  31

A) Unlikely OP will post a follow-up on this FML.
B) Even less likely that he would gives you details on how she cheated on him to you and everyone else here even if he did post a follow-up.

So I don't really see the point in your question apart from maybe to show that you're horny for revenge porn or something?

  lexa1love  |  16

Maybe it's a picture of her doing some kind of action with a male that is not her boyfriend. A picture of some text messages between the girl and someone else where she admits she had cheated.

  Pleonasm  |  31

25- It depends on OP's definition of cheating. Maybe it's a picture a friend or someone took when they saw OP's girlfriend kissing another person at a party or something. It could be a picture of her a number of possible sexual acts to someone other than OP that that person took, and it found its way to OP or something like that.
As the person said above, it could be sexts/incriminating texts between OP's girlfriend and someone else that were captured and sent to OP.


Eh, I never was a big fan of the Trinity killer story arc. To me, the series peaked in the second season, leveled off with the Jimmy Smits character, stayed pretty consistently good, but then crashed on the rocks when they introduced Hannah McKay in season 7. I've always been a huge Charlotte Rampling fan, and I wish they'd handled her character better in the last season. They should have made her into a sociopathic CREATOR of serial killers, including Dexter -- imagine how epic that would have been!

  FucYoCouch  |  13

I went away for camp when they showed a marathon of all of the seasons before the finale of Heroes. I recorded six episodes before said finale, got home, watched them and then proceeded to flip Army Tanks in a fit of a Godzilla-Like rage quit. They plan to do a recap of the show but I feel like the actors who played in the show were so good that the new cast for the show will make me LOATHE the idea of having super-powers.

  Marley_000  |  14

I might be alone here, but I think the lost finale was alright. It was a bit of a lazy way out for the writers but it still fit in with everything as well as they could manage after introducing 40 fucking plot twists.

And admit it. You cried. I cried. We all shared a moment there.

  littlekellilee  |  45

Maybe he was invested in the relationship, but suspected that she was cheating. He expected more out of Dexter and was let down, but just had his suspicions confirmed with his girlfriend. He was likely disappointed; but expected it.


God, the list of horrible show finales is plentiful, OP will never have another second to spare on thoughts of his ex. Lost, Heroes, Dexter, House... It's like when a good movie has a shitty ending, except it's way worse because there's not only two hours to get invested in the characters, it's multiple years. Then to be horribly disappointed.

Watch the Office finale, OP. Might cheer you up a little and remind you that all hope is not lost for series finales.