By Anonymous - 22/10/2010 04:00 - United States

Today, I was going to my first job interview since I was laid off. About 10 yards from the door, I felt a sharp pain in my side and something in my pocket. It turned out to be a knife in my side, and a mugger robbing me because I looked rich. I haven't had any money in months, and missed the interview. FML
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Can't you just explain what happened and arrange another interview?

FFML_314 11

Don't worry. That mugger is going to die of a heroine addiction in 5 years and Satan will have his way with him/her.


Hahaha!!! Yea OW!!!! But I fin this FML quite funny because would you rather just going on than go to the hospital and get healed? You know, get that knife out of ur side and stitch up anything that needs to be stitched and fix anything internally damaged??? Cuz you know.. this website is exactly the hospital you need. FYL for lying and having no life

daltreix 3

lol u kno ppl, jut cause they posted an fml about it doesnt mean they didnt go to the hospital first. Many fmls are from days weeks or even months ago from when theyre posted

@29 the op never said they were stabbed.

sam_08_fml 0

but op did say it was IN her side which to me sounds like it was inside her meaning he/she was stabbed

ShorTiE4LyFe 0

Just because it says "Today," at the beginning doesn't mean it actually HAPPENED that day. The site makes you put that at the beginning.

34 They said, "felt something in my pocket".. the muggers hand. It does not clarify if the knife punctured skin.

45, "It turned out to be a knife in my side," That very clearly could be understood as the OP being stabbed.

read the whole thing

alsnyder12 0

whoah so u just got stabbed... dayum.

stephanie0613 0

Omg Op are you ok? FYL! that incredibly sucks !

brightnite 0

86. you would use knife on my side not in my side. Also if op wasn't injured he would have made the interview.

#34, you just turned a male OP from male -> female-> it.

jcowsert2 5

Fyl for not being able to read.

Xavi89 0

damn dude FYL!

If only there was a button for that...

coolster56 0

Sux dude.

Can't you just explain what happened and arrange another interview?

yeahh smart.. go in the office with a knife in your side all bloody and ask " umm hi do you think we can reschedul?" there gonna be like "hell no!!!"

81, do you have mental issues? he could get another interview. He would go to the hospital with a wound, he wouldn't walk to his office with an open wound. Surely if he showed them something from the hospital they would understand.

I hope he did just that and got another chance!

sweetcheeksjvl 0

Well OP look on the bright side atleast you weren't killed.Maybe the job wasn't meant for you anyway.

FML_Indefinitely 0

Based on your picture and the first three sentences of your profile, I love you. :)

i agree with the guy before me, will you marry me?

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nice t1ts.

FFML_314 11

Don't worry. That mugger is going to die of a heroine addiction in 5 years and Satan will have his way with him/her.

What the hell?

FFML_314 11

You're punny.

Unintentional pun fail is punny.

I didn't understand that comment at all, but I understand you're trying to say karma is gonna get the mugger?

FFML_314 11

It's crazy to think a mugger would come up behind someone and to think OP DOESN'T have eyes in the back of his head. WHAT A MORON!

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brandohy 0

how can you mug someone today then get mugged a year later? did you time travel O-o

because it says today doesn't mean it actually happened today. the website just makes you put that on every fml post

yeah but this isn't an fml. this is a comment on an fml.

olms_jesse 3

lol haha

jussjess 0

Oh wow! Omg, I am so sorry. I hope you're alright and once you're healed, I hope you can find a job. :)

Elixa 0

awe that's a nice thing to say, :D I agree!

VoidKing 0

16 ppl said u deserved to be stabbed and mugged? wow you 16 ppl are morons

DWilliamson 7

Eh, you know how stupid alot of people are these days. this is why i firmly support eugenics.