By Anonymous - United States
Today, I was going to my first job interview since I was laid off. About 10 yards from the door, I felt a sharp pain in my side and something in my pocket. It turned out to be a knife in my side, and a mugger robbing me because I looked rich. I haven't had any money in months, and missed the interview. FML
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  JuliaM1000  |  10

Hahaha!!! Yea OW!!!!

But I fin this FML quite funny because would you rather just going on than go to the hospital and get healed? You know, get that knife out of ur side and stitch up anything that needs to be stitched and fix anything internally damaged???

Cuz you know.. this website is exactly the hospital you need.

FYL for lying and having no life

  daltreix  |  3

lol u kno ppl, jut cause they posted an fml about it doesnt mean they didnt go to the hospital first. Many fmls are from days weeks or even months ago from when theyre posted

  zebra22  |  0

yeahh smart.. go in the office with a knife in your side all bloody and ask " umm hi do you think we can reschedul?" there gonna be like "hell no!!!"

  chris_42  |  11

81, do you have mental issues? he could get another interview. He would go to the hospital with a wound, he wouldn't walk to his office with an open wound. Surely if he showed them something from the hospital they would understand.