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By failure - 13/10/2010 06:18 - Australia

Today, I rang my girlfriend to make sure she made it home alright. She told me to check my Facebook. Nothing was different so I hit refresh. We were no longer in a relationship. I got dumped via Facebook whilst on the phone to her. FML
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Meh, in 2010 is perfectly okay to dump someone on facebook. It would have been mean back in the 90's, but nowadays is fine..

What about when you're talking on the phone right there and she tells you to check it, when she could've just told you right there and then? That's a FML. But I believe dumping someone face to face is the best option.

#25 it would be better to say it in person,, that sucks! if she has enough time to change her facebook then she should have enough time to see him in person and say it's not working

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Today I read another FML of someone getting dumped via facebook, FML

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whilst? Yeah, OP. It's 2010, figure it out. YDI for saying whilst.

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What does the year have to do with anything? He's from Australia. They say whilst. Lord, some of you are so stupid.

Personally, I love "whilst" even though I'm a goddamned Yankee. I'm going to do my best to reintroduce it into the American English lexicon. Whilst! Whilst!

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87, While you're busy reintroducing 'whilst' back into the American language, I shall take it upon myself to reintroduce the word 'arse.' I'm quite fond of it.

Aw, poor OP. Damn straight Australians say "whilst". Doesn't the rest of the world?! Wow, who knew?

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87 is bringing it back. Whilst for life! OP, lame. That's a lame situation.

my last gf changed her relationship status on fb to single and deleted me as a "spur of the moment" thing. still haven't got a decent reason from her and it's been 6 months.

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damn 66 you seem unaware of sarcasm

HAHAH! FFML not aware of sarcasm? She's the queen of sarcasm! You must simply be clueless.

123. I'm not still bugging her about it. I spent maybe 2 days trying to get an answer then got pissed off and revenge ****** her best friend. I couldn't care less now. all I was saying that it's been 6 months since and she hasn't bothered to explain, some girls are just like that.

Allow me to mediate: becca, whilst Thawn has fully recovered and moved on, he would still like an explanation. Now that you're finished scoffing, can you be bothered to oblige? Also, it was rather an arsehole move to tell the whole internet about the crying episode, so you probably owe him an apology as well.

Wow, to the people who agree with 25 and #25 yourself, you're all a bunch of insensitive selfish twats. In a relationship the other person tends to get fairly emotionally invested in you. If you want to break it off, the least you could do is be respectful enough to say it to their face and explain why.

This just strikes me as a YDI though.. I'm not sure, but I don't know many people who call their GFs/BFs to make sure they got home alright.. a little clingy perhaps?

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25 no it's not I bet you any money if it was the other way around u would complain

Sure, if they live 20 minutes away it's a bit much. What about when people live hours away though? It's pretty appropriate to make sure everything's OK when the person just took a 2+ hour drive back home.

ah the wonderful work of facebook is at it again :)

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You're ugly. Great sense of humor, though; that's always a plus.

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I'm not ugly. I just have a weird looking face and a lot of jelly rolls.

At least she has a picture...Oh and you're not ugly anyway FFML.

don't be mean, yu shouldn't judge someone from their dp lmao ... dw yure not ugly:)

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What's with these freakin' kids on here? Just the other day I was told that I looked like I had been beaten by an ugly stick??? Is this what immaturity resorts to when they have nothing intelligent to say, or is it just a side effect of a low IQ? If this keeps up I'm going to need to get one of those talking mirrors to make me feel better.

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It's truly pathetic when someone attacks another persons appearance. It's low and unnecessary. If you're going to insult someone, make sure it's something within their control to correct. I'm far from ugly and although you're right about me having a sense of humor, you're still an idiot.

yu should never judge someone by how they look, it's not nice

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and it always the people with no picture calling other people ugly. it's so obnoxious.

A) I agree with FFML- Facebook is evil and will lead to the downfall of humanity B) I think FFML is quite pretty (not a come-on, just a fact) C) There is no C D) See C

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I deactivated my facebook back in '07 when myspace was the best. and it's still deactivated.

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gadgitch. your fugly. get some self confidence and put a picture of yourself up. oh wait then you can't call other people ugly because we would see you for the troll you are. and don't go find a picture online, freak.

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lol I totally agree with you #82

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FFML, Can I have some of your jelly rolls? I bet they're tasty.... *Jelly Roll Morton*

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OF COURSE! Thank you, Doc. I was trying to hit on you by winking, but you didn't catch on. GAWD!

You didn't deserve to be dumped in that manner. Sorry that you had to experience that.

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it's like that commercial. what was that for again?

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oh the movie social network? it's about facebook. haven't seen it but heard it was good.

I think he meant the sprint phone commercial where the chick is sitting with the bf sends a text, email, facebook, and then calls him right there saying she is breaking up

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and this is when you post those sexy pictures she sent you on your wall. assuming you even got any of coarse.

if he's whining on fml, do you really think he did?

i think you should seek revenge... then later we'll get an fml about a chick who dumped her bf over facebook and he got even... well girlfriend of future fml, YDI