By romantic84 - 31/05/2011 04:51 - Canada

Today, my girlfriend told me how she loves when I kiss her out of the blue. I don't have the heart to admit I only do it so I can get some peace and quiet for a few seconds. FML
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I wonder what she'd say if you gave her butt sex spontaneously out of the blue...


Spontaneously AND out of the blue? Impressive.

Lol why don't you just tell her that she should be a telemarketer.

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Every relationship is meant to work like that... except yours. Yours doesn't work.

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Aww that's sad don't tell her then you may never be able to touch her!!!

That's why you ask for ********, it's 10 minutes of silence.

Sucks man. Maybe you should talk more that way it's about things you're interested in too? If it's that bad, you shouldn't be together.

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hey seanders you can only make it 10 min? wow sometimes I shoot my load if a fly lands on my shaft

I wonder what she'd say if you gave her butt sex spontaneously out of the blue...

Tell her you want to play the "quiet game" haha. Nah, you should tell her to close her eyes, then you can take your time lol gives you more than a "few seconds". lol like a good minute of silence. ;]

Seems you like "Laughing Out Loud" noting you said it two times in a sentence.

Well you have a good eye.  Good job. And yes, I do like to "Lol". I would rather put two "lol" than "hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah that's lol!" so yeah. 

omg I would love that.... too bad cuz that's like the sweetest thing you can do... :(

people that can talk for hours nonstop annoys me -___-

nod your head a little bit when she talks, and she will think you are listening. whilst nodding, day dream. both win

She's not clingy she's chatty. Get your adjectives right.

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