By gabxoxo03 - 10/06/2011 19:06 - United States

Today, I snuck up on my girlfriend to give her a kiss. Only after I planted a big one did I realize it was not my girlfriend, or even a girl for that matter. FML
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you know things are bad when you mistake your girlfriend for a man.

redneck0328 5


maybe the guy looked liked a girl from behind?

BeastNerd 3

Or that man looks like a girl from behind..

imacreeper 3

a nice icepack will go well with your black eye, OP.

Very kinky..did he wink and give you a smack on the ass afterwards?

That would be so embarrassing! Isn't is kinda bad that you mistakened your girlfriend for a man?

don't lie OP that was your plan all along.

dude how do you not know who your girlfriend is? worse of all she must be ugly if you confused her for a dude

was it a he-she? or is your girl a she-he?

braasilianx0 4

does your girl look like a man ?! o my

I'm giving putplerae's comment a few more minutes before it's gone.

well did he get into to it? because OP did not pull out so he obviously did.

braasilianx0 4

oh, OP might just be a girl.

sandi315 0

If ur gf looked like braasillianxO the that was one hot guy

brassalian, everytime I look at ur photo I getta boner .

Badshah29 6

did he break your nose? or returned the favour?

2- was that short pointless comment your pathetic attempt to be first on here?

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Justin beiber? you have an FML account?

livvyluvlaf 8

this is a girl's FML if no one noticed... so it's not that weird. just a nice kiss on the cheek for some lucky random guy!

GravyGuy 11

2 just revealed to us the meaning of life.

if you go all homophobic again I will make you my bitch and send to the middle east to shove in a camel which I will bury in the Mediterranean Sea

sounds like stu in the hangover 2 to me...

A7X_LoVeee 10

26 was that supposed to be funny?

mismonroe 0

Because that's something people joke about? Think it was serious.

So making gay jokes is bad, but racist ones are alright? "sigh" You gotta lot to learn...

true how do you tell your girlfriend you kissed a guy...cuz you thought it was her

SpazzyJazzy325 0

how girlie was that man? O_O

makes one wonder; either manly girlfriend or a really fem guy..?

Hope your girlfriend wasn't around. Maybe she'll ask for a threesome, or break up with you. Or give you "the look".

please describe in lots of detail what "the look" is.

You will only know what "the look" is once your girlfriend gives it to you.

kaykay9080 5

Lol, and this is why I stick with girls, they aren't that cheesy.