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  shyNdry  |  0

I agree. my bf and I only say it a few times a year because we both know and feel it. it's so annoying when everyone is like "baby, I love you baby" the word loses meaning so fast.. also, it causes more fights- "why didn't you say you love me before you hung up?" dumb.

  Lisa89  |  3

I have to agree with this. My bf has not said he loves me yet (due to his culture or the fact he doesn't acually love me). But i'm too pussy to say i love him either.
I would not want to date a guy who feels the need to soppy talk to me all the time. I just want somone who respects and cares for me.
If i ever buck up enough corage to say i love my boyfriends, i'ld only say it every so often after that because I know he doesn't dig the whole 'i love you sexy honey lipped baby' every 5 mins, and nor do i appreciate that either.


...I don't think it means that. I don't mind if my boyfriend says I love you, but if he's saying it every second of every day, I would start getting annoyed, no matter how much I loved him.

  suppressed08  |  2

Do you not know anyone like that?

Someone i know goes all depressive when they arnt going out with anyone, then go all hardcore love when they do. Love-you-till-I-die-or-else types :/


Me too, nerds. It was creepy, and the reason I broke up with them. I told Mr. Doe when we first started dating that I was his girlfriend— nothing more serious than that— and if he got all clingy, I'd probably break it off. Of course, six weeks later we were engaged, so... oops. :] We'd been good friends for years first, though.