By music man - 25/02/2012 00:50 - United States

Today, I told my girlfriend of two years that I love her. She replied, "Um, I don't mean to be rude, but can you just shut up?" FML
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Whenever someone says "not to be rude but" prepare for them to say something really fucking rude.

Aww she loves you :')


That sucks!

So does your comment.

IphonFML 6

at least she didn't mean to be rude ^^

I farted once.

That's rude

Ya don't say?

Aww she loves you :')

I think there's a part of the story OP isn't telling us- would anyone be that randomly bitchy for no reason?

I thought the same thing. He might be smothering her by saying it way to much and she finally just got annoyed with it and told him to shut up.

wlddog 14

Does that mean we can guess at the missing part of the story? Oh oh,, my turn. What he is not saying is she was playing xbox and he would not SHUT UP about his feelings. I feel your pain girl. Metro boy needs to drop his balls and grow up. But I don't mean to be rude.

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Well that was rude.

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108- That's like saying "no offense" yet you still offended.

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You can't buy that kinda love!:)

DKjazz 20

Yeah, highly paid whores are much more professional than that.

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Maybe reconsider the whole girlfriend thing?

Wow nice picture :)

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She's a keeper!

No, she's not.

Like you would know Virgin Gamer, or YOU Vernon Dursley!

Whenever someone says "not to be rude but" prepare for them to say something really fucking rude.

Congratulations, you worked out how that term applies in the English language. Have a cookie.

Or "no offense but..." At least we're prepared to be insulted or otherwise though. :) OP's girlfriend sounds like a bitch!

-23 Brofacts? What's up brotato!

26, Yeah, I don't see it.

Its more hilarious when its "not to be racist, BUT" and then they try to backtrack XD

Haha can't forget the classic "with all due respect.."

No offense, and with all due respect, this thread sucks. Not trying to be racist, but it's true. Not trying to be rude though!

OP, he could also respond, not to be dick but you're a bitch and it's over.

35- I would think all the thumbs down your comment is getting would be some indicator.

egc573 40

Relatedly, when you hear "Just kidding!" after a face-palmingly stupid statement. Just the two words alone irritate me beyond belief. That, and "like" being used as, like, a comma.

72, Real failure would be actually paying attention to the voting and thinking it means something.

Hm, I thought the thumbs system here was an indication if people agree with and/or like your comment. Downtime, you can live by or ignore the thumbs as you desire, but whether you like it or not, when you get thumbed down into the bowels of Hell like you did, that means your comment sucked. Continuing to defend such a comment makes you look like an ass.

"Hm, I thought the thumbs system here was an indication if people agree with and/or like your comment. " Exactly the reason to not put much stock in it...Of course, I assumed the comment was suggesting I failed in some way in the content of what I said, obviously I failed in obtaining a positive vote from people. I just figured it went a little deeper than "Nerr nobody likes you". My mistake. As for the comment "sucking", yes it does seem I lost the pre-teen and conservative douche demographic, but then I never was too keen on winning popularity contests. I guess we differ on that point.

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Downtime, do you need help digging that hole?

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Not to be rude but You're pretty

What a contradiction.

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Not to be rude but I like your kitty. Can I have it?

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She wanted to let you know she loves you too!...with a silent cute awkward moment :3

stevenJB 25

By proposing a*

I would've not talked to her for 2 weeks and say " are you happy now?"

Hey she didn't mean to be rude so its fine.

Hey at least she didn't mean to be rude!