By Anonymous - 03/02/2015 18:23 - United States - Cheyenne

Today, I was making out with a girl I've liked for a long time. At one point she stopped kissing me and said, "You kiss like my brother". I sat there dumbstruck as she went back to kissing me. FML
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Run bitch! She gonna kill you!!!!

xokpxo 12

What part of the FML did you read to make you think she's going to kill him?

I guess people haven't found their sense of humor yet this morning. She is just really weird and he would do better to get out now.

Your comment mad no sense for this FML at all

This isn't funny, I read the other comments and... Just no.

When your joke fails at the one purpose it has-being funny-it's your cue to quit trying. It's like a microwave without heat or a shower without water.

How does she know what her brother kisses like? D:

This question is the main point about this FML.

That is an easy question to answer! The girl is obvouisly Cersei Lannister, and her brother Jamie.

Or maybe OP is a time traveller and the girl is his mom from the past.

Only one way, and I don't want to say which!

Scorpio1691 29

I think everyone is asking the same question.

"When I kiss you, it's like I'm kissing... my brother."

The next FML is going to be, "Today, I just walked in on my son and daughter making out in my daughter's bedroom. I don't even want to know what else they do when I am not home. FML."

Hopefully she means that you're just being super awkward, as if she was kissing her brother(which would be awkward)?

It's probably the girl from an older FML who's brother asked if he could practice kissing on her.

Did no one understand my Back to the Future reference?

incoherentrmblr 21

This is what would've happened if Marty's mom in Back to the Future 1 would've kept kissing him...

dragoongirl90 34

Whoa, dude! I'd demand some kind of explanation as I slowly backed away...

I wouldn't know what to say. The other really creep part aside from the fact that she knows how her brother kisses is that she obviously sees it as a compliment.

I'm baffled that she just continued kissing you like everything she just said was okay..

Well, if she's okay with incest I guess she'd be okay with anything.

How would you know? Maybe she's into it too ?

Yeah we should give this new kind of ****** up category a name. One idea could be to call it incest.

Hopefully she's speaking from observation and not from experience.

Watching her brother kiss is creepy as well, though.

nialls_girl 13

Or making out with your eyes open if she is basing your kissing through observation.

Amongst all the possibilities, making out with her eyes open would still be the less creepy one...

Please tell me you asked her to elaborate...

Just go with the flow until she asks you for a three some