By Pissssd - 31/08/2009 01:56 - United States

Today, I interviewed for a job at a pharmaceutical lab. During the interview, I said something about a past work experience that made the interviewers think that I would enjoy doing something similar to that... so they gave me a warehouse job instead. I have a degree in chemistry and biology. FML
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dude, you should tell them that it's a misunderstanding.

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job > no job


dude, you should tell them that it's a misunderstanding.

Wow this FML brings back good memories, like back in 00' when I first got my Game Boy Color. I remember all my friends having it and I felt so in place to be able to play Pokemon Gold/Silver with them. It made me really happy :)

Those were the good days...

At least you have a job. Anyway, it is easier to move around inside a company than to get into it from the outside

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job > no job

You probably got your degree at a b.s. school in the Cayman Islands or something...oh well, work your way up, and when they need test sublects, hook me up.

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Today, i have a job. FML

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thats just stupid.

What, exactly, is a "test sublect"?

Own goal. NEVER talk about past work that you prefer not to repeat - of course if they ask you directly what did you do, give them the facts, but you have to lead them back to what you want.

At least you aren't a thermometer. :/

Or a bedpan. D:

Well, you're better off than many people right now. Shouldn't be a FML.

as I was reading the fml I thought the OP was black but then I realized I was being racist... still picturing him as Craig Robinson tho