By Pissssd - 31/08/2009 01:56 - United States

Today, I interviewed for a job at a pharmaceutical lab. During the interview, I said something about a past work experience that made the interviewers think that I would enjoy doing something similar to that... so they gave me a warehouse job instead. I have a degree in chemistry and biology. FML
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dude, you should tell them that it's a misunderstanding.

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dude, you should tell them that it's a misunderstanding.

Wow this FML brings back good memories, like back in 00' when I first got my Game Boy Color. I remember all my friends having it and I felt so in place to be able to play Pokemon Gold/Silver with them. It made me really happy :)

At least you have a job. Anyway, it is easier to move around inside a company than to get into it from the outside

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You probably got your degree at a b.s. school in the Cayman Islands or something...oh well, work your way up, and when they need test sublects, hook me up.

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Own goal. NEVER talk about past work that you prefer not to repeat - of course if they ask you directly what did you do, give them the facts, but you have to lead them back to what you want.

Well, you're better off than many people right now. Shouldn't be a FML.

as I was reading the fml I thought the OP was black but then I realized I was being racist... still picturing him as Craig Robinson tho