By Crispy - United States
Today, my girlfriend talked me into tanning in a tanning bed for the first time ever. I have never tanned before and didn't know you are supposed to ease into it. I tanned for 15 minutes in the "super bed" and have lobstered. My ass and nuts got the worst of it. FML
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  Zenma  |  0

Is the concept too hard to grasp? He hadn't tanned in a tanning bed before, and he didn't have a clue what he was doing... If he had tanned NORMALLY, as in in the SUN, like a NORMAL person would do, then he wouldn't have burnt balls. D-O Y-O-U U-N-D-E-R-S-T-A-N-D?

  Zenma  |  0

Lol MeganHOLLYWOOD... You don't have as much melanin in your skin because your of European ancestry which is why you don't get tan in the sun -- You just get burnt. No wonder why you use tanning booths.

  Humanoid_fml  |  0

The problem wasn't that he was in there too long; it was that he used a "super" bed when he had never tanned before. I don't get why there are so many YDIs... there's no way he would have known, and either his girlfriend or someone that worked at the salon should have told him.

  treli1593  |  0

ouch you mean break everything open and chew on the insides?
There's something wrong with you dude. I don't know what type of fetish you have but if I were you, I'd see a psychiatrist.
Oh and OP: YDI for not going out to the beach or something