By Anonymous - 21/06/2009 06:43 - United States

Today, I was thinking about how people say if you're gradually introduced to a smell or you're forced to deal with enough, you'll stop noticing it. And how untrue that is. Especially when your roommates sneak a dead rabbit under your bed. FML
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One of the best written FMLs I've read. Nice. Oh, and FYL.

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Eww... that's gross.


zolo_fml 0

Eww... that's gross.

As self depracating as this may be, I'll admit something: I tend to sweat a lot, despite taking thorough showers daily (at worst bi-daily), so I know I don't really smell good usually (I use tons of deodorant or cologne, but I still sweat somehow, or my feet act up instead...). But yeah, I can barely notice it. And at times when I leave the windows of my room open, I notice a slight difference in the freshness of my room; plus my mom usually says my room stinks too, lol. But even as I breathe right now, I don't notice anything. So it's true, you do get used to scents. I've even noticed when I go to other people's houses, there's a weird smell, and none of them ever seem to notice it. I'm sure I've got the exact same scenario with my house. Luckily, I've realized this, so about 10 minutes before I expect guests, I whip out the febreze ;)

Talk to a doctor. That's a medical condition and probably treatable.


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That's a lot of words for saying your roomate put a dead bunny under your bed.

I think it's nicely written. The FML's are written for amusement, and building some suspense in a few lines of text is very clever. I like it. Also, OP, this is disgusting and a serious health hazard. Call the police on those bastards. It makes me wonder what you did to deserve this, though.

turtlellama 0

I totally agree, I love how this was written. XD

Thank you #45 Poor OP, but it's absolutely true. The only reason we don't 'smell' air is that our brains adapt, and thus consider what we interact with constantly to be normal.

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Time for payback, let's go hunting!! Or just get aloooot of roadkill :D

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haha nice prank. you should get them back.

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One of the best written FMLs I've read. Nice. Oh, and FYL.

That sucks! Time for some awesome revenge! Then you should get a new roomate! FYL! Hahaha

Poor Bunny and you!!! that is disgusting! and I say that it is sweet, sweet revenge time!

Ew, gross! But if you're roommates - wouldn't they smell it too? Unless they don't spend much time in the room, or you meant housemates or whatever... But yeah, chuck it under their bed. Or under a pillow. I'd like to see how they'd react to a dead bunny on their pillow - sweet dreams! But that's still gross, I'd freak out. Also, I know the smell thing works because people I know with dogs...their houses smell of dog! But they don't notice it because they live and have grown used to it. I don't think rotting corpses would be quite the same thing...

Hell, I think she should stuff it IN the pillow. She might not have the rabbit anymore, but a dead mouse would work.