By LXA429 - 12/03/2010 07:35 - United States

Today, I went to the tanning bed. I laid down in the bed and turned it on and the fan started blowing. There was a terrible smell and I thought it was the person before me. Then I realized it was just the fan blowing my sweaty feet towards my face. FML
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Enjoy your melanoma, it'll make sweaty feet the least of your worries.

YDI for the fake bake!


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Enjoy your melanoma, it'll make sweaty feet the least of your worries.

Well said #4. OP stop tanning and go take care of your feet so that the person after YOU won't have to throw up by your disgusting feet smell.

Agreed, completely. This is coming from someone who got melanoma at age 23 from tanning beds. I used them maybe 7-8 times TOTAL. The location of the melanoma is what made it obvious it was the tanning beds that caused it.

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sweaty and smelly feet is totally normal. I suggest you try deoderant

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or wearing socks inside your shoes. ._.

or cleaning them daily

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For your feet? Lol

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shower every once in a while maybe?

YDI for the fake bake!

I feel your pain, my feet are always super sweaty from skiing.

Whoops, I hit reply. Anyways, Ikr?

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YDI for going to a tanning bed. I get tanned on the beach.

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ydi for using a tanning bed lol

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profile pic, lezbo?? 0_o

You do realize that not everybody lives close to a beach and that an hour on a sunny beach* is just as bad for your skin as ten minutes in a tanning bed, right? *assuming it's between 10 AM and 3 PM, it's summer and you're somewhere between 45 and 55 degrees latitude at sea level. And yes I know that's a lot of assumptions.