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Synesthesia (cross sensory perception) is not a psychiatric disorder any more then colour blindness is. Try again.

Oh and I don't hear purple, but I can tell you it's the number 6 and kinda chewy. :p

  TexasJosh  |  0

Oh the things music is teaching kids now days. It's not cool to say Cray instead of crazy, it's not cool to say bay instead of babe/baby. I know every generation has their own thing but... Talking like you've never been to school a day in your life? Come on now.

  stormer461  |  13

Sorry for failing at making a pun by referencing a kanye/jay-z song guys. But I've disrespected my family by getting downvoted so now I must commit seppuku.

By  LoveMay  |  10

You know, I'd feel sorry for them if most of my family was in a mental institution, not make an FML about it just for laughs and so the people make funny comments.
You should actually be concerned…

  Llamacod  |  11

Dumbass, if only 1 family member is in a mental hospital you would have to have your family reunion there. I'm pretty sure it isn't "most" ignore family rather just 1 family member

By  caybree  |  0

To shed some positive light, it's better when your family gets the help they may need instead of suffering through it, which inevitably affects everyone else in a negative way as well.