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Today, I realized that something's wrong when you have to go to a mental hospital for a family reunion. FML
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Yours too? We should have a giant party then. I'll bring the cake!!!

hope its not a glimps into your future. quick test do you hear the color purple?


Yours too? We should have a giant party then. I'll bring the cake!!!

TheDrifter 23

Perfect, I'll get the psychadelic movies, they already have all the thorazine and psychotropics we might need, op's party will be the stuff of legends.

I'll be the odd one out that eats the leftovers :)

I'm with you Tennesseans on this. I can't comprehend why Peyton Manning didn't come back to you guys. I can only imagine how distraught you all are.

Can we share the left overs? I love food.

That sounds like it could get interesting

Especially if any of the loonies can escape the straight jacket. It is possible, ya know?

hippyhater3000 4

ya but only if you have it put on a certain way, and that way can leave you with a couple broken wrists

If you dislocate your shoulder in a certain way it will work. I should know.

hope its not a glimps into your future. quick test do you hear the color purple?

No but I can taste to color clear... That has got to count for something, right?

twifan1901 0

No I taste blue but that's only when I eat orange!

MerrikBarbarian 9

Synesthesia (cross sensory perception) is not a psychiatric disorder any more then colour blindness is. Try again. Oh and I don't hear purple, but I can tell you it's the number 6 and kinda chewy. :p

StonerkidDGK420 0

I thought we were talking about LSD...


Please delete your profile, smash whatever you're using to access FML, crawl into a dark corner and rethink your life.

TexasJosh 0

Oh the things music is teaching kids now days. It's not cool to say Cray instead of crazy, it's not cool to say bay instead of babe/baby. I know every generation has their own thing but... Talking like you've never been to school a day in your life? Come on now.

Can't tell if trolling, stupid or in a rush to get near the top of the comments.

stormer461 13

Sorry for failing at making a pun by referencing a kanye/jay-z song guys. But I've disrespected my family by getting downvoted so now I must commit seppuku.

I got the reference, in fact it's my picture right now. This is the Internet, you need a thick skin to survive these rough parts. *puffs on cigar*

KittyJay 3

Sounds pretty normal to me... Lol jk... All that matters is that you're with family... Be thankful...

Use full stops. And when I say full stop, I mean ONE full stop.

LoveMay 10

You know, I'd feel sorry for them if most of my family was in a mental institution, not make an FML about it just for laughs and so the people make funny comments. You should actually be concerned…

Llamacod 11

Dumbass, if only 1 family member is in a mental hospital you would have to have your family reunion there. I'm pretty sure it isn't "most" ignore family rather just 1 family member

Awww, well all families have that one or two members who are... Well, special to say the least. They are still family though, and I hope you're not ashamed of tthem.

37- Don't know why your comment got so many thumbs down :/ I liked it ^^

To shed some positive light, it's better when your family gets the help they may need instead of suffering through it, which inevitably affects everyone else in a negative way as well.