By tgstreaks - 23/04/2009 05:44 - United States

Today, I got a spray tan for the first time. Naked, I climbed into the booth. When the machine started I became frightened by the loud roar of the spray and couldn't breathe. I pissed myself out of fear. I now have river-like streaks down both legs where the pee washed my tan away. FML
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No offense, but how much of a whimp can you be? You know it's the spray tan...yet you're still so scared you pee yourself. YDI

Oh poor guys that had to clean up that mess.


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wow, sorry that must really suck. you should try wearing long pants to hide the streaks. FYL

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tanning beds are just skin cancer in a box

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@253 but its not a tanning bed...its a booth or whatever.

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YDI for getting a spray tan. get a real ******* tan!

laurengraay 2

245- maybe they are scared of getting cancer, and are taking the safe way out. All the tan with out the worries! unless you pee yourself and leave streaks....

But with the worries of looking like an Oompa Loompa.

snarkytruth 37

Better an Oompa Loompa in a booth than a tanner in a coffin with deep pock marks that look like someone took a melon baller after them instead of a scalpel. Often the graft skin comes from cadavers, and that doesn't fade away like Oompa Orange. Yeah I'd risk the shade not being perfect if I felt I "had" to tan. Isn't the Orange from over doing it too much too often?

snarkytruth 37

#245- They may have skin cancer running in their family or lupus and have to avoid the sun, or have to take meds that make them ridiculously sensitive to the sun (you would be surprised how many medications do). I take three such meds if I step outside I instantly burst into flames. Their life, their choice.

KrazyKatz3 26

Why do people tan? People in foreign countries bleach their skin to make it paler can we not just like ourselves for ourselves?

anonymous100000 17

OP, you must be a bitch, because I that's something that my dog would do. seriously, who the **** pisses themselves after knowing whats to come and choosing to do it? YDI big time.

YDI for submitting yourself to that silly practice of fake tan. If you really want to be nice and bronzed then either go out and actually get some sun or stop washing for a while.

MiGman 5

#4 that is completely true. the girls near where I live are sometimes orange and it looks pretty bad and fake

Yuck. I know what you mean. the only tan that looks good is an all-natural, I-go-outside-and do-physical-activity, summer or vacation tans

some people can't tan naturally, or they just don't want to submit themselves to cancer. ALSO, not all fake tans are orange. it depends on the base of the tanning agent and also the brand.

its better than risking skin cancer by letting the sun or a machine cook you

This 'sun gives you cancer if you're in it to much' is bullshit. I'm not saying it's not possible, but it's uncommon. It's just some stupid excuse for people to not go outside. Otherwise farmers and ranchers would have cancer. People who work construction would get Cancer. I'd get Cancer because I help on a ranch and I enjoy the day at the beach and I'm cancer-free. Disclaimer: I'm not saying its not possible, but the peoples comments made it sound like when you go outside for a while *boom* cancer. I apologize if I've offended anyone.

joeyl2008 29

Redpandax using the logic from your argument smoking doesn't cause cancer either.

peach_fml 0

No offense, but how much of a whimp can you be? You know it's the spray tan...yet you're still so scared you pee yourself. YDI

i hate loud scary machine noises also.... but hey atleast it isnt skin cancer right???

Oh poor guys that had to clean up that mess.

_7_Anonymous_7_ 0

Tanning scared you so much that you pissed yourself? Wow. I understand being startled by a loud noise, but I can't even imagine what terror I'd have to experience to actually lose bladder control.

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Today, I walked into the tanning salon where I work and proceeded to clean one of the beds. I smelled something and noticed that the bed I was cleaning was all wet. Then I saw a customer walking out with streaks down her legs. FML

Agreed with #4. If you want a good tan go out and get a natural tan. Natural tan always look better and it's free.

You CAN get skin cancer. Being out in the sun for a bit is actually really good for you. Vitamin D. Its only when you are out in the sun for like 12 hours a day and you do that all your life