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Today, I used a tanning bed for the first time ever, in an attempt to get a base tan for the summer. No one bothered to warn me that you shouldn't go the full ten minutes your first time. Now my skin is as red as my hair. FML
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Yikes, skipped orange and went straight for lobster


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op must've been pretty red faced about her stupidity

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Yeah, but just go lay out in the sun for awhile and tan. I am one of those people that tan very easily, so cratch that first part.

Yikes, skipped orange and went straight for lobster

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Op got sun bleached! Now She can go party with Craig mammalton.

YDI bc you weren't born with beautiful tan skin like me.

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Seriously you sound like and idiot and act like your 10. For a 19 year old you've got a whole lot of growing up to do.

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#60 is not a troll. she does that a lot and also thinks sexually

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As a half ginger I can confirm that this is 100% true with any amount of red hair.

I only have a small amount of red hair, they are basically natural highlights and I can confirm what 51 said. Just being in the sun for short amounts of time my skin turns red.

My friend is half back half ginger with some red highlights in her hair. She's the only ginger I know who can tan very easily.

at least the tan will last you the whole summer

A little research could go a really long way

Yeah, it could have warned her, but a tanning salon professional also could and should have.

Yep, it may have even taught her that sunbeds are skin-cancer-licious.

Nothing like a good camouflage for summer

Being a redhead myself, I learned at a very young age that we burn at lightning speed. Sorry OP but you should have already known what just 10 minutes can do.

In my medical internship I learned that -itis means to be inflamed. You are literally walking case of Gingivitis.

itis- inflammation how does that describe a sunburn? -.-

Ginger and sunburnt. You poor thing.

Maybe the op likes being redheaded. Some girls look amazing with red hair.

Natural redheads are a turnoff to me, I dunno why people like it personally. It's never dark enough to be an actual "red", it's usually just this nasty washed orange color. Dyed red hair is different, but then they don't have the pale skin and freckles that usually accompany natural red hair. I guess I'm just a hater.

My hair is naturally a dark brown that turns deep red in the sun. I have pale skin and freckles. I was told in Palm Springs that the desert is no place for me. I find people that dislike red hair a turn off.

I should've made it clearer, the lack of pale skin and freckles is a plus. I'm into that middle-eastern or South American look. Dyed red hair looks bomb AF that way.