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Today, I decided to try a self-tanning lotion my friend had recommended. I put it on, and decided to take a nap. I woke up later and checked myself in the mirror, expecting to see a new, more tanned version of myself. I didn't. I'm now orange. FML
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There is nothing wrong with being pale! I'd rather be white as snow than look like a leather handbag!

You should do the same with hairdye. Apply it, go to sleep, wake up hours later and discover your green hair. You'll look like a walking carrot!


There is nothing wrong with being pale! I'd rather be white as snow than look like a leather handbag!

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same! pale was a sign of wealth and beauty a few hundred years ago.

Yeah, but so was being disgustingly fat.

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Disgustingly fat is obese. People were only supposed to be plump/chubby. Whether or not people from this generation understand it, having a little extra weight is okay, and even healthier than not having enough weight on you. Not being obese. But plump. Or thick as you could call it.

If you look at the paintings from that time, people were not just plumb.

26: How about we find a medium somewhere? Not chubby, but not anorexic skinny. Somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. I always thought thick was another word for curvy. Not chubby.

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33- Thick isn't really chubby, you're right. And medium weigh is perfectly healthy too. Im saying that obese isn't healthy, but being chubby is, along with in between. I don't know, I'm tired right now, so im kind of rambling.

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Honestly, why do girl's think fake tans look attractive? I prefer natural looking skin, which would be pale in the winter and tan in the summer. My school just had a dance and there are tons of orange chicks walking around, shit is gross.

49, just because you happen to have darker skin doesn't mean pale isn't beautiful. Ever heard of "porcelain white skin"? There is nothing healthy about a tan, especially for people with naturally alabaster skin like mine. It's just begging for cancer and wrinkles.  

49 I can think pale is beautiful all I want. Don't press your opinion on me, because all it is is YOUR opinion. Personally, I hate tans. They DO look nice, but the cost for them is too great.

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Yeah, fat meant you were rich back then because it meant you had enough money to eat. skinny and starving was for poor people. The only reason people were skinny back then is if they were starving.

I think Pokemon ears are beautiful too. And pink hair! NOT.

#113 Guess what? GOOD FOR YOU. I like my pink hair. And wow, insulting a person on their display picture in a discussion that is not related to it? That is low.

or we can all just be happy with what we have...

Not to mention this person is from DENMARK, for crying out loud. Pretty much everyone in Scandinavia is naturally pale. Nothing to be ashamed of.

No you're a moron who's too lazy to go out in the sun

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you can't know that. I was outside the whole summer without sunscreen, and I hardly tanned at all. it all depends on the person.

How is lying out in the sun not lazy? Think before you lambast someone.

I was out in the sun every day over the summer disc golfing, swimming, rock climbing, camping, and hiking, but I stayed white because I wear sunscreen. Does that make me lazy?

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Or they don't want skin cancer...

If you like Within Temptation and Evanescence you should check out a band called Epica.

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I know abotut Epica but thanks for taking the time to tell me about it.

I prefer to be pale. Most lotions do turn you orange though, especially if you put on too much.

This is what you get when you rely on man-made products for something you can get for free. (:

Something you can get for free...oh, you mean skin cancer?

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Doc, I like your comments man but humans are meant to be in the sun. That doesn't mean you over do it, but we aren't vampires.

Read comment #27. I wish I knew what you meant by "humans are meant to be in the sun." If that were true, skin cancer and sunburn wouldn't exist. I treat skin cancer, and my first question is always "Are you a sun worshipper?" Invariably, the answer is in the affirmative. Everything in moderation, I understand. But even small amounts of direct sunlight increases the risk of skin cancer dramatically. These days there are very few advantages to direct sunlight, other than a sense of well-being.

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Meh, i don't get sunburn, I thin I'm meant for the sun :D

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What about the vitamin D doc? I thought that was the purpose of being exposed to sunshine? I will never be pale, wasn't born that way, but I don't spend enough time in the sun to get appreciably darker anywhere but my face and left arm.

You don't need a whole lot of vitamin D, and you can get it out of a bottle.

But isn't it better to get it from the sun? I mean, you can get vitamine C out of a bottle, but it's still better to just eat fruit and vegetables, right?

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whaT can u get for free? the sun? well some people on the east coast dont have sun right now...

#81, just letting you know, the amount of exposure to sun that's considered "healthy" and enough to give you the right amount of vitamin D is about 10 minutes every day, even on cloudy days.

Cheap ones do that. Sorry. Also if you are very fair any of these just don't work as well. Go to the tanning bed.

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that's worse than standing outside all day! retard.

Yes, because that's going to work well in Denmark.

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I believe it is do-pa-de-do not "do-pa-de-ump"