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Today, I went to a tanning salon. I guess nobody mentioned that you have to lift your fat rolls or you'll end up with weird stripes where the spray never reached. FML
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schwancy 2

obviously the spray has to come in contact with every inch of your skin or it won't "tan" that area....

People like you are the reason we have warning labels on coffee cups.


ydi for tanning when you don't have a body to highlight. spend more time workin out and less in the tanning bed!

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trying to get at that GTL haha but forgot the Gym OP haha :P

FFML_314 11

12, you may be shocked to know that not all people care if they are overweight. Just sayinnn

lexielovesyou 0

haha omg , that sucks ass... hahahaah!

20 that's bull shit. everyone cares if they're overweight. they may except it, they may even be proud of it, but there's no one out there who could care less if they had a perfect body (to their standards) or a horrible one. my cat however it proud to be a fat cat, so don't hate!

I imagine if they are so vain and have such poor self-esteem as to think they need to change the color of their entire BODY, they probably want to lose weight. Otherwise, they wouldn't care enough to post it as an FML. They'd just get it redone and be happy with their fat ass. :)

haha that's hilarious! I feel sorry for you but YDI for getting a fake tan. lose some weight tubs

Nobody cares that you have a nice tan if you're the size of a whale.

37, it makes people look orange. I'm not a fan, but I'm also Asian and tan easily.

FFML_314 11

I'm not speaking of the OP personally. I'm saying that not all people care about that kind of thing (sure most do) but not all. Her saying "being tan should be the least of your worries" is an ignorant thing to say, considering the fact that it's a personal choice and if someone wants to be tan, they can tan away. Their weight has nothing to do with it. Also, she doesn't necessarily have to be super fat to have fat rolls. My point is that people can't tell someone they can't do something simply because of their appearance.

yeah but the only time I wanna see whales in public is on a boat in the ocean

Thats what you get for inhaling Mcdonalds. All day, everyday.(;

Person000 0

I hate when people use the word ignorant in sentances to sound smart and they don't even know what it even means #45 how is that remark ignorant, you should be more concerned about obesity health issues than the color of your skin.<---how's that ignorant?!

mebecatie 0

#12- agreed. what's the point in tanning if ur so fat? for looks? hunn, if ur worried bout looks u shudda thot of that b4 u let urself go. but my ? is.. how duz someone let themselves get to that point?! I mean once u find out ur gaining weight wudnt u like do something like hit the gym or eat more healthfully?! :

FFML_314 11

Who is she or anyone to say that OP isn't trying to take care of their weight? Also, I'm doubting her post was written out of genuine concern for OPs health. It's ignorant. Plain ignorant. *sentences Edit: 72 I'm not fighting a battle. It's a conversation, learn the difference.

maybe they just made a big enough ass dent on the couch & didnt wanna get up? dude in that case hun wobble over to the gym kay? dont want to see people walkin like penguins cause its not cute. just saying.

mebecatie 0

btw I'm sorry if that sounds mean and all but it's just like seriously.. it just isn't good to b fat. try eating healthfully op it'll get rid of ur fat and u will b healthier. obesity causes a lotta health issues. lose weight and u will feel better and look better.

I don't care if it a battle we'll lose. Fat people are gross-you should never 'love your curves' fat has never bbeen sexy. No I'm not taking Tyra Banks curves I'm talking rolls of fat the prevent you fron tanning. Op your discusting.

ucofresh 4

I dunno man... I think a tanned fat person is a little easier on the eyes than a pale white fat ass. lol Either way, lose the weight. Not only is it unhealthy, but very unattractive.

I don't card if were going to lose this battle. fat is gross never 'love your curves' No I'm not taking Tyra Banks curves I'm talking fat. Op your discusting.

ispitflames 3

numbaaa 1 can relate to that i bet

ucofresh 4

Depends where you go.. Tan & Tone has been great for me.

30 - being fat doesn't instantly mean that you're obese.

mebecatie 0

I just have to say 72- smart. knows wut she's talking about. 74- all I can say is... stay in school.. maybe u can actually learn something and do something with ur life that duznt involve being such a nuisance.. cuz u don't knw wut ur talking about.

74 people SHOULD care about their appearance and their health and it's not ignorant to tell them to take care of themselves.

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lol 91 glad I wasn't the only one thinking that..

yasmeenjonasx3 0

why would you go to a tanning salon? if youre that fat, theres no use in trying to make yourself more attractive.

JustReina 0

i was talking to 12 btw not op

some people are completely happy and confident with being overweight, i mean are you saying that along with tanning she shouldn't wear make up or do her hair until she loses weight? how people physically portray themselves is a choice.

some people just refuse to give up & still think they have a chance & dont wanna face reality when its staring at them in the face from the mirror. (big breath here) (:

YourEvilHero 12

if you're fat the last thing you need to worry about is a tan

alien491 0

grow up 41 and 12 your a bitch go **** your douch of a boy friend

FFML_314 11

96, that honestly made me laugh. I don't even think you know what you're talking about. Which is so very sad. 110, that was precisely the point I was trying to make. I don't think it's a good thing being fat and as someone who used to be a few pounds overweight, you can change your lifestyle, but should someone not be able to do something simply because of their weight? I don't think she's a bad person for what she said. I just think her comment was a bit stupid. That's my opinion, nothing more. It's not a personal attack on her, because their are plenty of people that are saying the same thing. I just happened to see her comment first.

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Eat more veggies (and less junk) and read In defense of food. no more fml next year :)

Op it's a spray tan can't you buy a can of that shit at walmart??

ooh and just for the record IGNORANT is not a "smart" person word.

ispitflames 3

your fuckingg annoying 128. stop typing fat paragraphs and just shut.up.

Brittney_E 0

lol at 41(: 28, fat albert doesn't care. everyone else, why are you fighting over someone else's weight issues? and last but not least: jiggle that belly like a bowl full of jelly. ^-^

xFalzz 0

I bet 137 is just sad because he can't write intelligent paragraphs. I also dub 141 the victor of this amusing thread.

FFML_314 11

I always tend to pop up on the "amusing threads."

Granddragon 0

^^don't encourage them. OP is fat but cares about her appearance and wants a tan; therefore, jog naked in the sun. BOOM, two birds, one stone...

im sure noone would wanna see that & op would get arrested for indecent exposure.. but your suggestion makes 100%sence if you wanna be arrested & such..

ispitflames 3

181-True, I have horrible writing skills. I'm not sad about it though, but i am sad that there are so many beached whales on South Beach. LIke damnnnn, the KING just recently moved there. They should have a law stating no massive fat chicks on South Beach. Blah.

Granddragon 0

Oh my God! you mean it's illegal to be nude in public?! well thank you for that info, I take back my entirely serious suggestion that I meant literally.

Well op could do it on a nude beach! just make sure there's warning ahead of time so I'll know not to show up

no shit sherlock i knew you were being sarcastic i was just saying damn. would you really wanna be driving & see some chick/ guy whatever fully nude weezing/running with rolls bouncin every which way? uhm im assuming no unless u dig that in which case my ******* bad for putting a damn statment down. happy?

Shit all this fat people talk is makin me hungryyyy!

Granddragon 0

#207-you are very welcome #205-somehow I doubt that you do since your reply implied that I really meant the OP should run around naked. I'm fully aware of the laws, I was just making a joke. Are you happy?

Guuurlplease 0

clearly my sarcasm wasnt shown, i apologize. didnt mean to kill your comment.. so yes now i am ******* happy cause the day i just had was a bitch & you just made me feel so much better. are you happy too?

Granddragon 0

#215 glad I could help. I'm always looking to cheer strangers up. Good job on that one though, I definitely caught the sarcasm that time. Hope your day goes better tomorrow.

Lolol its funny because 186 lost AND shes ugly

xxniteskie 1

You spelt *sentences* wrong while judging someone elses grammar and intellect. Just an observation.

xxniteskie 1

also, my comment was to someone waaaaay up there ^^^^ :P

FFML_314 11

SOTY, just because your fake tan plan failed doesn't mean you need to get upset with me. Next time you go in for some bronzing, ask permission to lay down. That way everything will flatten out better. ;]

This shall bring the truffle shuffle to a whole new level.

qt4u 0

there will be times when dislecsia can get you into deep trouble.

awe don't worry no one will see them unless you lift your rolls right?

ydi for getting a spray tan why not actually go outside and get a real one. then again I guess you're too lazy thus the obesity

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it's funny because EVERYBODY knows you need to lift the rolls except you

I don't understand why so many people think she went to a tanning booth when it clearly says "spray"...

hahaha 187. that was amazing. but it left with a very disturbing image. *imagining bouning jelly fat rolls* BODUNK BODUNK BODUNK

12 your really rude I mean you can't talk look at you. You ugly

# 239 - You spelled "spelled" wrong and made improper use of asterisks...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure you can spell it either 'spelled' or 'spelt'.

Firestar1202 0

you deserve it for going to a tanning salon in the first place fake tans are awful. natural looks are the best on girls

well when some people get into a depressive state they can't stop eating. i don't really know how it makes them feel better but it does. soon they get pretty addicted and eating alot becomes normal for them, and they can't just go to the gym to work out. it's kinda like quitting smoking.

hahahahahahahaha, this honestly made me laugh! congratulations that was a win.

If you live in Cali, why don't you go for a run or something. work off the weight, & get a free tan! #soloutions

dang that big u can't even see my comment

holy shit where did you learn to speak?

Why don't you suck your own damn crayola? Be a dear and lay off the arrogant-asswad pills for a bit, k?

if ur that fat, why even try to look good?

sheribb 5

mental image I just got....not nice.

this whole fml sends out disturbing mental images ;)

eww well you can always exercise to loose those rolls

sonasonic 34

Or OP could just roll with it

schwancy 2

obviously the spray has to come in contact with every inch of your skin or it won't "tan" that area....

BreyBBY 0

yeah... and if the spray couldn't reach under the rolls, no one can see the stripes? ah idk

YDI for going to a cancer-booth. YDI for being a Fatsy McLardflab. YDI for never confronting your subconscious desire to look like an overfed, retarded zebra. YDI for wanting to die young, but killing yourself slowly instead of just getting it over with.

amazinggbaby 2

spray tas don't give you cancer. rays from tanning beds do. YDI for your idiotic comprehension skills.

Trollz, lardbucket (a.k.a OP) had a spray tan, a non harmful alternative. You must be unwell Trollz as i have never seen you get hammered! :-)

IDI for reading too fast. And I *WISH* I was hammered right now...

Brittney_E 0

the rest of the YDI were funny... :D

Granddragon 0

spray tans are known to the state of California to cause cancer. then again, so is breathing, children's tears, loud music, old people, and kitten farts.

No, the tears of children CURE cancer. So punch a child today!

Granddragon 0

haha, I thought only Chuck Norris tears did that.

Did you also know that the burnt bits on meat eg. steaks and sausages has also been found to be carcinogenic? Random fact right there. :-)

Brittney_E 0

only Chuck Norris doesn't cry.

FFML_314 11

Boy oh boy I can't wait for the "YDI for being fat" comments, which are almost as annoying as the "YDI it for having a cat" comments. OP, it's not a huge deal. Just try and eat healthy and go for a walk everyday. When you've lost some weight and feel comfortable, go back and get a new spray tan. :]

You like defending fatties and only have a picture of your face leaving out the rest of your body. You're fat, aren't you?

There's a gumball machine in the picture of your room. Your argument is invalid.

Hey my fat cat thanks you for sticking up for him.

FFML_314 11

Hell yes I'm fat! My fat ass rolls around in cake all day, everyday. Now kiss the fattest part of my ass.

YDI for sticking up for fatties. Fatties with hams for arms. Fatties who wear mumus and look all melty. Yuck.

Whoa whoa now #55, calm down and back your shit up. I ******* love cake.

FFML_314 11
Arsonnist 3

^ Looks like Egyptian hieroglyphics on the website.

Brittney_E 0

eww!! calling someone justin beiber is a little dramatic, don't you think??

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People like you are the reason we have warning labels on coffee cups.