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  nishant5456  |  0

It coulda been worse, you coulda came when you were putting her....there's kids on here.

well,gimme her number and I will demonstrate how to do it properly.

  mageoreh  |  0

YDI for you and your girlfriend having sex for the the first time in week due to relationship problems. You came in less than 10 seconds. You're still having problems.

  that1guyyy  |  12

it's very normal for the first time. same thing happened to me and friends of mine. i was depressed for a long while. you don't look like you know what you're talking about.

  generalfubar  |  0

well... that's what happens when her parents are down the hall, damn kids. if you are an adult, dude you suck. my quickies last 10 minutes. either beat it up or drink sone shots of alcohol.


15 is a failure.
That sucks OP, and to the people saying "beat off first"
What if it was a sudden thing? I'm sure when your girl is in the mood you're not like "be right back I gotta go blow a load in the bathroom before we start."

  v_garcia3  |  0

65: it wasn't his first time havin had just been wks since he got laid!!!

OP idk what's worse not gettin any in wks or only lastin secs when u finally do!!! FYL n YDI

  fthku  |  13

#22 is probably who I would think of if I didn't want to ejaculate just yet.
How the hell do you find that desperate attention-seeking, disgusting goth look appearling at all?

  AninOnin  |  24

Ignore some of these guys, OP. I know you didn't want that to happen. Try masturbating beforehand, next time. Hope you and your girlfriend manage to straighten things out :)


13: I don't. She should've expected a shorter-than-usual round one after a few weeks of abstinence. If he refused to go on afterward, then yeah, she deserves sympathy, but it sounds like she might've gotten bitchy from the disappointment. They both should've laughed it off, considered it the "opening act" and kept going. Those things happen in a committed relationship; you need a sense of humor and an ability to make the most of it to keep a relationship healthy.


Wow, finally someone that's not completely clueless when it comes to sex. I don't get it either... why just stop and act all disappointed ? you've got fingers, a tongue, lips and a few other things that you might use. And after a bit of playing around he would've prolly been ready for round 2 which would've lasted a lot longer.