By Anonymous - 20/08/2010 18:40 - United States

Today, while at work, I started to feel sick to my stomach, hot, and dizzy. My co-worker told me to go home. On the way through the locker room to get my stuff, I experienced a dizzy spell so severe, I blacked out and pooped myself. No one in the building is going to let me forget this. FML
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Oh that is awful! How can the people you work with be so cruel to remind you of it? :o I feel sorry for you.


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at least it wasn't on video or infront of customers :) but yeah, shit happens, just sometimes in your pants.

Mrs. Poopy pants shall be your new name =]. []D[][]/[][]D

FYL that really sucks...hope you feel better though, OP :]

Must've been a huge dump to have knocked you out

^No, op is just a hypochondriac who watces too much Scrubs.

ahahahaha sorry nothing to say now everyone took the good comments.

It's funny because it could have been worse and it's moist ftw dur dur.

Op what's your new nickname? Old Poopants? Mrs. Hankey? Pooper Dooper? That girl who's ass is so loose she can't keep her shit in? Obama?

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I laughed so hard when I read 'and pooped myself'. Hah. FYL.

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#37. that would have been funny if 10 people didn't already say it......???

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I have spells like that bc of a stupid dentist but I'm thankful I don't poo... I hope you get better!

well next don't leave something you love with a irresponsible person stupid

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It's like I've heard this saying a million times, let's make a million and one

3 isn't a win 3 is just another comment like the other comments on an FML about crap.

Agree with 42. You see the same puns on all fmls about poop.

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Oh that is awful! How can the people you work with be so cruel to remind you of it? :o I feel sorry for you.

Wait until someone does something worse. But in the meantime, FYL.

When is something gonna happen that is worse that ******** urself while passed out lol

That's WAY worse than jizzing in your pants. I think The Lonely Island should write a song about this...

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do you really think she will answer?

Sometimes they do. But you're right probably not.

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man you must have been pooped out!

Awh, poor you. Some guys can be total dicks. Next time fine someone you can trust, but until then, good luck.

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ugh, did I miss something here?

Find how? Fainted? OP had no options but to do what was done. No one could know that this would happen.