By baron - 01/06/2009 17:36 - United States

Today, my girlfriend told me she was pregnant. We haven't had sex yet. FML
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oh #5 your a smart one nothing gets by you.

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She's telling you because you are the "sweet" guy who will now take care of her and her bastard. She puts out for tools but she'll let you get a taste now because of this accident. "You're such a sweet caring guy. I'm glad I have you around. I'll never be that stupid again." I'd say run, but chances are, if you are that guy you'll just be the sucker. Then, when you are watching the kid, she'll be letting another tool tap that.


omg.... thats sucks... whose the daddy?

Wait, does her name happen to be Precious...? LMAO because that happend to a person I know -Ł

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Idk, about a daddy, this sounds like Jesus's story to me :D

sonasonic 34

man are you so lucky! dump that cheating bitch!

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At least you don't have to worry about it being yours or not! :)

#5 your quick wit amazes me. i think i love you.

#4, why be involved with a "shmashmorshion" with that ho? Drop herrrrrrrrrr